15 thoughts on “New Crosswalk on Broadway Designed to Protect Pedestrians

    • Placing this crosswalk signal at the intersection would have made a lot more sense. The intersection is about 200 ft away. The intersection has a traffic light already. This makes no sense and is a serious eyesore in front of a lovely designed building. I suspect that drivers are paying attention to the actual traffic light and look past the poorly placed crosswalk.

      • Ruth, you can’t actually put that at a traffic intersection. Drivers would just plow over it. And you’re right, the existing intersection is only about 200 ft away and provides a crosswalk for crossing and is where people are supposed to cross. But since that didn’t seem to be the case and people/families were running across at that location on Broadway where it was constructed, is why it was constructed to begin with.

        • Safer, in my opinion, to direct the pedestrian traffic where it belongs, at an intersection than to ask vehicle traffic to slow down in the middle of a busy block. Honestly, I think the placement speaks to how lazy we expect our residents to be, too lazy to walk 200 ft.

      • Haha, “serious eyesore”. It’s a crosswalk. Sorry if you think it’s so ugly that it makes your eyes hurt, but the design is intended to slightly ameliorate the atrocious number of human deaths caused by cars. And considering it connects a children’s museum with a playground, I’d say its location makes perfect sense.

    • I would actually like to see more of the HAWK beacon as a standard here. Given the wide streets and high speed traffic. It’s absolutely necessary IMO.

    • I wish there was a “Like” button for comments like these!

      Oh, and with regards to the “Hawk” crossing on Fred Rd.? I have personally used that crosswalk, only to see some idiot drive right through that red light like it didn’t exist.

  1. I’d like to see that entire stretch of broadway reduced to 25mph. Now, before you go squawking about how damn long it’ll take to drive, it takes exactly 41 seconds longer to drive a mile at 25mph vs 35mph. And I’m talking about a stretch shorter than a mile.

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