5 thoughts on “VIA’s Blue Route: ‘Sneak Preview’ of a Broadway-Blue Star Line

  1. I remember when the line started a little while ago. A nice lady wearing blue with a blue santa hat stood at a bus stop to handout pamphlets to let people who got on and off about the blue line.

    Kind of bummed that it’s not working out quite as planned.

  2. When this new route began, I thought it would be a great tour. I tried to go to VIA website to see where to get on the bus near Pearl and was lost in confusion. Looked at map like the one in this story, but couldn’t get clear info on that either. The only certain idea of where to catch it is in this article. Cruising around looking for a small blue tag on a signpost isn’t my idea of clarity.

    I’ll try again, but I wish VIA would clear up their website on accessing their buses to get around town.

  3. I take the Blue line regularly. I am frequently the only rider. It’s funny we see comments from folks about the “need” to have the service from Blue Star to the Pearl, or whatever ideas people have, and once it’s here nobody still rides it. VIA is practically blowing money on a small group of people who want this and that, and then when it arrives, there’s still nobody riding. What excuses will people come up with to explain away why they’re not riding? I’m pretty grateful the Blue line even still comes through King William. VIA has definitely got to be losing money by continued service to the area.

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