500 Tech Jobs Promised as Accenture Expands in San Antonio

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Accenture's office at 7050 Fairgrounds Pkwy. will serve as the qualified business site for the Texas Enterprise Zone Project designation.

A global technology consulting firm plans to expand its San Antonio operations and add 500 new jobs here over the next four years, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation announced Thursday.

Accenture Federal Services plans to grow the company’s presence in San Antonio by expanding its advanced technology center operations at its three major offices here. Accenture currently employs 1,300 people in San Antonio and, pending local incentive approvals, plans to invest $5 million over the next four years as part of the expansion.

“San Antonio is home to an exceptionally skilled and experienced technology workforce, and we look forward to welcoming 500 more of its members into the Accenture Federal family,” stated John Goodman, Accenture Federal CEO. “Our Advanced Technology Center combines the best of our technology-driven solutions and services under one roof.”

Accenture Federal Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and with offices in 120 countries as well as Arlington, Virginia, and San Antonio. Its workforce numbers 425,000 in 200 total cities. The company has a strong federal contract side of business with 95 of the Fortune Global 100 listed as clients.

“San Antonio’s industry and workforce assets in cybersecurity cannot be duplicated outside of the nation’s capital region,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg stated. “The opportunity is real for San Antonio to attract, retain, and grow technology and cybersecurity hubs for major employers like Accenture Federal Services.”

“Accenture Federal Services is a well-respected corporate citizen, committed to supporting our community’s technology workforce growth and development through apprenticeships, internships, and new jobs,” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff stated.

“We are proud to support Accenture Federal Services’ expansion in San Antonio,” stated Jenna Saucedo- Herrera, president and CEO of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation. “This project represents how ‘Team San Antonio’ works not only to attract new companies, but also to help existing corporations grow and succeed in our community.”

City Council will vote March 7 on an incentive package for Accenture that includes a Chapter 380 Economic Development Incentive Fund Grant Agreement for up to $500,000, based on the creation of 500 new, full-time jobs within four years. At least 250 of those jobs will earn an annual paycheck of at least $50,000. Of the grant amount, $250,000 will be restricted to workforce development in order to support the company’s internship and training programs.

Council is also expected to vote on nominating the project for a Texas Enterprise Zone Project designation, with potential refund of state sales and use taxes of up to $1.25 million.

Bexar County is also considering an incentives package that will be reviewed by commissioners on March 12.

“Accenture Federal Services’ selection of San Antonio for the expansion of its operations and continued investment demonstrates the City’s ability to meet the needs of a world-class company,” stated San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley. “Their decision to create new, high-wage jobs in a targeted industry is a testament to the City’s strong and growing workforce.”

4 thoughts on “500 Tech Jobs Promised as Accenture Expands in San Antonio

  1. Public resources are not designed “to help companies grow” or “to create jobs”, they are designed to fulfill a public purpose, codified in founding documents. These resources are meant to be used where needs are greatest, not in market-ready areas, as customarily applied. If you want to support private enterprise, great, join the Chamber of Commerce. For all the tens of millions of public resources spent over the years in the name of “economic development”, what the city has to show for it is a No.1 national ranking in economic segregation. The city’s response: silence.
    Let’s be honest for a change about these realities; there is much more to discuss but room does not allow.

  2. You should get your facts strait before accusing someone. Accenture has been a stand alone company and never practiced public accounting. It has been a separate legal entity since well before the year 2000 and separated from Arthur Andersen well before Enron.

  3. You nailed it! I was excited that SA would be getting 500 good paying jobs. According to the EN, Accenture will provide a small percentage of jobs that pay at least $50,000. Wow….that means the others are below that threshold. The median salary in SA is around $49,000, so the majority of jobs will be at or below the median threshold…and yet the city is prepared to give them thousands from city coffers/abatements and over a million in Fed funds. How many of these salaries will make employees eligible for ‘affordable’ housing programs? It is telling that Accenture, according to the EN, has jobs that don’t require a college degree, but rather certifications, which the city will help them get through ACCD. While I’m glad SA is getting Accenture, where are the companies that have salaries starting at $50,000…and why aren’t we getting them?

  4. I hear your agreement, but don’t understand your math. The article said at least 250 of the 500 jobs would pay $50,000 or more. So the majority of these jobs will be above the local median threshold.

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