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SAWS: Vista Ridge is Not a Done Deal

There are several hoops Garney Construction will have to jump through before San Antonio Water System‘s executive team would consider recommending that its board approves of the Missouri-based construction firm taking over the Vista Ridge water pipeline, officials said during a public meeting about the water pipeline project Tuesday night. “It’s not a done deal yet,” […]

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SAWS Going to Community, Council on Vista Ridge Changes

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) today announced numerous opportunities for community input regarding the recent announcement of Kansas City, Mo.-based Garney Construction purchasing up to an 80% equity stake in the Vista Ridge Pipeline project. Garney Construction, if approved by the SAWS Board of Trustees, will utilize its more than 30 years experience with […]

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SAWS Board Approves Garney Takeover of Vista Ridge Project

The San Antonio Water System board on Wednesday unanimously approved a measure that lets Garney Construction, a Missouri-based construction firm, take over control and 80% equity of the Vista Ridge water pipeline project from financially-troubled Abengoa Vista Ridge, a subsidiary of Spanish energy giant Abengoa Sociedad Anónima that filed for bankruptcy in March. There is some final paperwork that […]

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Mayor Hopes to Dispel ‘Misinformation’ About Vista Ridge

Executives from Garney Construction and Abengoa Vista Ridge listened to a presentation given to the SAWS board of trustees on Tuesday which laid out next steps for the Kansas City-based construction firm’s acquisition of 80% of the Vista Ridge water pipeline project. As the business community, environmental advocates, and even local police and firefighter unions […]

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Abengoa Narrows Field to Two Firms Interested in Vista Ridge Project

Two firms, the New York-based investment firm Blackstone Group and Missouri-based Garney Construction, are in talks with executives of Abengoa Vista Ridge to take over 80% of the 142-mile Vista Ridge water pipeline project contract, according to SAWS President and CEO Robert Puente. Abengoa Sociedad Anónima, and its subsidiary Abengoa Vista Ridge, have until March 28 to reach […]

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Garney Construction Taking Over Vista Ridge Water Pipeline

Missouri-based Garney Construction is now the owner of the Vista Ridge water pipeline project after attorneys representing the construction firm, former owner Abengoa Vista Ridge, and other partners came to an agreement on Tuesday afternoon. Garney was already a construction partner but will now be in charge of operations, maintenance, and financing of the project. The announcement comes just days […]