3 thoughts on “A Day’s Bounty Kayaking the Mission Reach

  1. This is another excellent article. The litter problem has not received enough attention in the local media. It can not be overemphasized that only a small percentage of the trash in the San Antonio River and all the other creeks and streams in the city was discarded along the banks of the River.

    Storm drain runoff is not filtered or processed. All the litter from all over the city eventually ends up being washed into the River. For example, cups and bottles tossed out along Rector St behind North Star Mall will get washed into a storm drain and end up in the River. The same litter discarded in the vicinity of Zarzamora and Woodlawn will end up in Apache Creek and make its way down to the River.

    The Fiesta parades are a good reminder of the problem, but the problem is, in fact, citywide and year round.

    Thanks again for effectively bringing attention to this problem, and here’s hoping the rest of the local media will pick up on this issue.

  2. I hope that someday the responsibility of river clean-up goes to the residents of the city instead of city workers. Basura Bash isn’t enough.

  3. The Stand Up Yoga community would love to help with the clean up. But we are not allowed to share these waters with the kayaks and canoes like we are in other major cities.

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