Divided City Council Approves Airport Concession Contract, But No Chick-fil-A

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Musician George Gaytin plays music to set the tone for the holidays on the day before Thanksgiving at the San Antonio International Airport.

Bonnie Arbittier / Rivard Report

A passenger walks through the San Antonio International Airport.

City Council voted 6-4 on Thursday to award a multimillion dollar contract to an Atlanta-based company to operate several local and national food, beverage, and retail shops at the San Antonio International Airport. However, the agreement requires the company to drop Chick-fil-A from its list of restaurants because of the fast food chain’s association with anti-LGBTQIA groups.

“I want the first thing [a visitor to] see is a San Antonio that is welcoming and that they not see … a symbol of hate,” Councilman Manny Pelaez (D8) said. On top of that, he added, “I don’t want a restaurant that isn’t available on Sunday either.”

Chick-fil-A’s company policy is to close its restaurants on Sundays.

The vote came after more than three hours of discussion about whether the City should dictate the social politics of companies it does business with and the process of selecting one contractor over another. Two of the contractors being considered partnered with well-known local chefs who own and operate San Antonio favorites.

“This is a very, very tough process,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “A tough decision for me personally because I have friends on both sides.”

But it’s the mayor and City Council’s job to “ensure the integrity of a professional procurement process,” said Nirenberg, who supported the recommendation of a five-member evaluation committee. “If that process yielded either team, it would have been a good decision.”

Councilmen Art Hall (D2), Greg Brockhouse (D6), John Courage (D9), and Clayton Perry (D10) voted against approving the contract, citing a need to delay the vote for further review. Most disagreed with kicking Chick-fil-A out of the deal.

Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran (D3), who abstained from the final vote, motioned to delay the vote until next week so City Council could spend more time reviewing the top two proposals. Only two of her colleagues – Hall and Brockhouse – agreed, so the motion failed.

“With this decision, the City Council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion,” Councilman Roberto Treviño (D1) said in a news release. Treviño submitted the successful motion to remove Chick-fil-A from the list of potential restaurants. “San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we do not have room in our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti-LGBTQ behavior.”

Paradies Lagardère, which submitted the winning proposal out of four, is partnering with prominent local Chef Andrew Weissman and other business owners to bring The Luxury, Smoke Shack, Local Coffee, Boss Bagel, and Sip Brew Bar and Market, and a yet-to-be-determined replacement for Chick-fil-A. The retail concepts include Adina’s, a Spurs shop that also will sell merchandise for other local teams, and iStore, an electronics store.

These will occupy more than 10,000 square feet in Terminal A and be operated through licensing agreements with Paradies.

Paradies’ contract, which runs for at least seven years, is expected to yield at least $600,000 more in revenue for the City than the other proposals, Assistant City Manager Carlos Contreras said. And it received higher scores on its proposed plan.

ACDBE stands for Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, a federally mandated program designed to level the playing field for small businesses who wish to participate in contracting opportunities at airports.

Courtesy / City of San Antonio

ACDBE stands for Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, a federally mandated program designed to level the playing field for small businesses who wish to participate in contracting opportunities at airports.

The current tenants were on month-to-month leases, and some teamed up with another company, HMSHost International, that made it to the final round of consideration, but scored 22 points less than Paradies on the selection committee matrix that measured experience, proposal, compensation, and the inclusion of small or minority-owned businesses.

HMSHost partnered with Chef Johnny Hernandez, Chef Jason Dady, and other prominent local business owners that would have brought Bakery Lorraine to the airport and kept longtime airport tenant Gervin’s Sports Bar, owned by Spurs Hall of Famer George Gervin.

HMSHost’s proposal did not include a live music entertainment component as asked for in the request for proposal (RFP), though it did include an open-kitchen concept and a partnership to open another Starbucks.

“If you don’t hit what the RFP is asking for, you’re going to be scored differently,” Contreras said. Click here to download City staff’s presentation to Council.

City Council started on its path to bring more local and national businesses to the airport in 2012. The goal is to better represent San Antonio’s cultural and culinary offerings while still providing familiar national brands, he said. The consolidation of leases was done to attract higher a “quality of response” for businesses to move into the airport, according to Contreras. Smaller, local businesses often cannot afford to own and operate a venture in an airport. 

HMSHost already operates several other brands at the airport, Contraras said. “The committee felt unanimously that competition was a good thing.”

A feeling of déjà vu could be felt in Council chambers as some Council members picked apart the process and reasoning the selection committee undertook to select Paradies as the preferred choice. Similar disagreements occurred as the body considered radio contracts for public safety networks. Then there was the fight surrounding the River Barge contract that hinged on the idea of preference for local contractors. Both situations were related to Council wanting to more fully vet contracts before they are brought to a vote.

Most Council members agreed that a separate meeting dedicated to high-profile, long-term, expensive contracts should be scheduled with plenty of time ahead of a vote.

Courage, who voted against the measure, said the City should not be completely re-evaluating contract that already have been vetted. More concerning, he said, is the idea to “start picking and choosing [contracts] based on social issues.”

Chick-fil-A’s stance on LGBTQIA rights is an example of “non-critical issues” for a contract. “How does that spill over into other contracts?” Courage asked.

Brockhouse said if the City wanted to kick out Chick-fil-A, it should evaluate every partner with the same criteria. “This is not just a small change to the contract,” he said, and it could set precedent for future contracts – and for businesses that may think twice before applying to work with a city that changes proposals on the day of a vote.

City Manager Erik Walsh said City staff has tried to provide consistency whenever possible for businesses.

“If you adjust in the middle … it provides a little bit more uncertainty to the process,” Walsh said.

111 thoughts on “Divided City Council Approves Airport Concession Contract, But No Chick-fil-A

  1. Oh please. This is the dumbest thing ever. Chick-Fil-A doesn’t actively take a stand to divide any segment of the population. Their goal is to serve people with a friendly smile, delicious food, and glorify God while doing that. These anti-CFA council members need to put aside their personal vendettas and represent what the people of San Antonio really want, which is more CFA! Don’t mix chicken with politics. So ridiculous!! Hope it’s overturned.

    Also, what restaurants will tourists and visitors recognize in the minutes they have to grab a meal on-the-go? It’s in everyone’s best interest to have a chain like CFA present in the terminals.

    • Very true! To not include CFA is simply ridiculous. It’s one of the most popular and fastest growing restaurant chains in the country. Does SA want to be known as a city that vilifies businesses that support strong families, God and country? Shame on the council; this is an embarrassment for the city.

      • How ’bout letting San Antonio be known as a fair-minded city that doesn’t allow prejudicial “God-fearin'” (?!) biased enterprises to blatantly continue putting their money and endorsements toward segregating a percentage of the tax paying citizenry? (GOOGLE Chick-Fil-A and the LGBTQ controversy.)

        • Chick-fil-A does not discriminate in any way, either in whom they serve or employ. I’m tired of Christians being discriminated against for what we believe. City of SA has violated the spirit and letter of the Constitution, and I hope CFA sues them.

    • Except that on Sundays, when the CFA owners are allowing their employees to “glorify God,” airport visitors don’t get to enjoy their “delicious food,” because they’re not open.

      Only an idiot would support allowing a business to operate in an airport that refuses to open seven days a week.

      • Shame on you! It’s not like it was the only restaurant in the airport! I guess it’s ok to discriminate Christian values.
        Shame on all the city council who voted against it. We know whose lapdogs they are!

        • Hello Irene,
          I just want to say that I totally AGREE with You!!
          Christians of all stripes are under attack nowadays!
          Freedom of religious Values has been snuffed out by
          a minority called the Lesbian & Queer Community.
          Whatever they want, they get. This is so Undemocratic!
          It’s Unfair to make folks of Faith and Religious Values BEND to the demands of a Minority Group…..San Antonio should get real….Just because “Christians” don’t agree with homosexuality, doesn’t mean we Feel Hatered.
          Maybe we just feel homosexuals are Lost Souls! Regardless, discrimination against Chick Fil Lay is Wrong! Unless they were eliminated because they don’t open on Sunday, it should Not be because they are not “accepting of homosexuality….

      • They did not make that a general requirement. It was a specific attack on this fast food restaurant. Arbitrary and capricious.

    • Should have disqualified only on basis of not being open on Sunday. Travelers should be able to access 100% of food options 7 days a week. While I don’t personally agree with CFA position on LGBTQ it is setting a precedent that could cause issues in the future.

  2. A cursory Google search for “Chick-Fil-A, LGBTQIA” yields a record that seems to contradict your assertion that the company does not take stands that divide the population. It is wholly appropriate, both morally and from a business and tourism perspective, that the city take care to associate itself with and to reward businesses that offer the best welcome to all people, members of the LGBTQIA community included. I am prouder of San Antonio for having made this decision.

    • I did a similar “cursory” Google search which refutes your results. There might be others reasons, such as being closed on Sundays, which could lead to a Chick-fil-a exclusion, but basing the decision on a politically motivated morality test is absurd.

      • It’s funny how biases work… oops, I mean Google. I agree with James, though. Having just spoken to a gay couple, they described to me how they are afraid to be affectionate with one another & have strategically chosen their retirement city based on LGBTQ acceptance. It wasn’t San Antonio.

      • Agreed. The reasoning for the rejection makes the city look petty, small minded. The fact the CFA was given no opportunity to address these concerns is confirmation that the far left fix was in.

        This makes our city LESS welcoming, not more.

        This City Council is just an annex of Austin.

    • Divide population? If you are talking about the small amount of LGT… people then I guess a very small number are divided.

    • I’m a Christian, and I do not frequent CFA because of their stance on same-sex marriage. My Bible tells me to love everyone.

      • To Linda Grace. A Christian is supposed to follow Christ. The Bible is the Word of God. Thus if you are a Christian you will believe what the Bible says about homosexuality. It says it is an abomination. So we should not support it as well as other sins that God hates.

      • Your Bible does not tell you to embrace or endorse the sin of homosexuality. That is not love. That is tantamount to taking them by the hand and make them feel accepted while they are led to an eternal death. That’s what your Bible tells you. Sorry for the directness but how else can it be said.

    • It’s pandering to an extremely vocal minority. And I wonder how far it will go? Will contractors who build buildings or infrastructure have to have a certain number of LGBTQXYZ’s on their staff?
      San Antonio stepped in it BIG TIME.

    • The fair & unbiased Google. Bet it was Vox or Huff post you read. Those very accurate reporting places. You need to be more tolerant or educate yourself better. Who has been turned away from eating at Chick Fil A ? Yet who has been boycotted for their opinions? So what soapbox has chick fil a been speaking from? What doors of Congress have they been pounding on to get their ideas legislated? I think we see how the discrimination goes here. So when YOUR freedom of speech gets you turned down for a job remember your opinion on this oh I forgot. The thought police only goes left.

  3. Since Mr. Trevino made the motion to kick Chic-Fil-A out of the contract, that confirms I will vote for someone else in the upcoming election. And I will work to get my Downtown friends to also look at other candidates that are not so prejudiced in their thinking.

  4. So, as a gay man, I’m supposed to be enraged at the mere thought of Chic-Fil-A operating a restaurant in the SA airport? All because the owner/founder has made statements in which he states his opposition to gay marriage?

    I think he’s wrong. I absolutely disagree with his opinions. This doesn’t mean I wish him financial or personal harm. If his views so bother you then don’t go to one of his restaurants. It’s really that simple. However, taking the ability of others to go there because you’re offended is as childish as it is narcissistic.

    • So what? “Discrimination” is not based on where you spend your money. CFA doesn’t discriminate, but the City of San Antonio does! You CANNOT discriminate against a business because of the religious views of the owner. Otherwise, restaurants owned by Muslims, which do not serve pork, could be sued for that reason.

      • But you’d agree that it’s okay for a business owner to discriminate against a customer because of the owner’s religious views?

        I’m confused. Unless you’re just a basic hypocrite.

        • Repeat after me. A private business is not the government.

          By the way the fourteenth amendment reads, the government itself cannot discriminate because it is the government.

          There is no clause nor footnote in the Constitution that reads *unless you operate a business.

          You see, liberty demands that transactions between two parties are by mutual consent. To force the onus on either party creates a power imbalance and denies the liberty of one party or the other.

          It’s really not that difficult to understand.

  5. What are they drinking or smoking down at city hall? One stupid decision after another. They close on Sunday…they are not the only business to close on Sunday. And frankly I’m not looking to see if I agree with all of a company’s decisions. But if I like or enjoy their products. And only using them if they agree to SA’s opinions of what is right opens another can of worms. Did they check out every company at the airport…how about catering companies etc that the city uses? Are we all supposed to share only THEIR views? Do you remember the 1930s and what only one correct viewpoint lead to?

    • However they WOULD be the only business in the airport that’s closed on Sunday. Sunday afternoon is a HUGE travel day as conventioneers are flying into town for early Monday morning meetings.

      To walk through out airport and see a business that’s closed…that sets a bad tone, regardless of what the business is.

      • City Hall is closed on Sundays! Why is that? Many people who have business there work Monday-Friday and only have weekends for personal business. I DEMAND that they open on Saturday and Sundays,
        and serve the public!

  6. People being upset because the city council made a change to a city owned facility, the airport, that falls in line with their overall inclusion guidelines is absurd. Get over it. Chick fil a at its corporate level is very anti lgbtq. That’s a stone cold fact. If the city wants to remove them from a city owned facility, they have a right to do so.

    People today get upset and offended by the most ridiculous things and usually just got the sake of it. This isn’t going to matter at all to any of your daily lives. It won’t affect you in any way, not one bit. But here you guys are, acting like some great event happened and your lives are forever destroyed.

    Stop. Just stop. Either agree or disagree with the change and move on. Damn.

    • Hold on Sport!
      The City does not “own” the airport — we, the citizens do. Your kind of thinking is what leads people to believe that government should be an all-knowing and supreme arbiter of all that is good and just for the proletariat.
      CFA has every right to compete for business at our airport without interference by a number of social justice warriors who put their “feelings” above reason and common sense.
      That one or more City Council Members would be swayed by radical leftist organizations like Think Progress or the SPLC says enough.
      Where’s the outrage that a local San Antonio-based company did not get the Airport Concession contract? Why does the city even need a middle-man to manage concessions? Why not let leases directly to the merchants/vendors?
      Follow the Money!

  7. I see Iris decided to include the almost irrelevant chick fil a part in the title as click bait to get views.

    I thought this site was better than that.

    ‘A Divided City Council Approves Airport Concession Contract’ was all that was needed.

  8. Btw, people who are mistaken. There is NO CHICK FIL A currently at the airport. Chick fil a is on a list the winning bid wants to bring to the airport.

    That is all.

    There isn’t a chick fil a being kicked out of the airport as the click baity title suggests.

  9. this is religious discrimination.

    read the actual “anti-lbgtq” statement below. even the linked article. donating to the salvation army is anti lgbtq?

    “Well, guilty as charged. We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that. We operate as a family business … our restaurants are typically led by families – some are single. We want to do anything we possibly can to strengthen families. We are very much committed to that … We intend to stay the course. We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

  10. I’m beginning to despise this city council. I hate that national political screeds are actually landing in our local politics. From the fairy tale of no fossil fuel energy sources to lgbtq+ virtue signaling. Because EVERYONE naturally associates Chick fil a with hate. What a bunch of nonsense

  11. “Smaller, local businesses often cannot afford to own and operate a venture in an airport. ” I’ve operated city run concession projects. The commission and requirements are so arduous that it essentially invites vendors to steal and fudge numbers to make money. City procurement needs to be removed from these dealings. And this is a city council(at least Brockhouse) that thinks they’ve matured beyond needing a city manager gov. Can you imagine Fire Union Brockhouse and his cronies running things? Holy smokes! The city would be broke in under a decade

  12. Read em and weep folks. Chick-fil-A is still rampantly anti-gay. Nowhere does the city have to allow a discriminatory, biased and prejudicial business the right to operate on city property.
    “Chick-fil-A’s charitable foundation kept donating to anti-LGBTQ groups
    In 2012, the company claimed it would “leave the policy debate over same-sex marriage to the government.”
    “Yes, Chick-fil-A’s Foundation Still Donates to Anti-LGBTQ Causes.”
    “All the Anti Gay Companies You Fund When You Spend $5.25 On a Chick-fil-A Sandwich.”

    • It just happens to be unconstitutional to deprive a business the right to operate based on their exercise of the First Amendment activities. It’s called viewpoint discrimination and a number of SCOTUS cases and settled case law would give Chik fil A a slam dunk.

  13. I am so glad that they will not be at the airport – for me personally the issue is all about animal welfare issues – they are amongst the worst in their treatment of God’s creatures yet they claim to be so religious!!! Just another bunch of corporate hypocrites…….

  14. In this age of marriage equality, CFA’s claiming to support families but only families headed by a male and female is discriminatory. If a business was on record as saying “we support families but only families headed by a male/female couple of the same race,” how would that fly?
    CFA says “we are married to our first wives.” Suppose they had said “we are married to people of our same race”? Or they could have quoted the Bible to support owning slaves. WWCFAD (What would CFA do) if one of their employees announced, for purposes of insurance coverage (assuming CFA provides health insurance to its employees), they were getting married to a person of the same gender, ? I know these are hypotheticals, but making a hypothetical can be helpful in sorting things out in one’s mind.

  15. Will council (Trevino & the Mayor) dictate that all Chick f’s close and leave San Antonio? I guess they want to make room for more millennial’s.

    • They’re not dictating any chick fil a close. They are asking the winning bidder to remove Chivk fil a from their list of restaurant they will bring to the airport. That is all.

      • That is too much. Omission is soon followed by demands for closure. Who walks through an airport and muses on the charitable donations of each food vendor? Did the dumb butts in City Council investigate the charitable donations of EVERY VENDOR ON THE LIST? If not, that’s more proof of bias and discrimination on their part.

  16. I am SO frustrated and angry at various political entities making such biased and ANTI-CHRISTIAN decisions. I don’t believe there has been a hue and cry against restaurants that don’t serve pork. IF Chick-fil-A refused to serve the LGBT community, that would be an issue. NOTHING else is the business of government in this regard. It is outright bias and discrimination. I would love for CFL to fight back legally.

    • So you’d agree, I presume, that it’s outright bias for a baker to refuse the business of a gay couple wanting a wedding cake? As you mentioned above, it would be considered outright bias if CFA refused to serve the LGBT community, so I’m sure you’d agree that there is no difference?

      • No, I said if they refused service to a group, it would be “an issue.”. I’m well aware of the Colorado Baker, and the Supreme Courts decision that, as a PRIVATE business owner, he has the right to determine who and what type of cakes he makes. GOVERNMENT entities must not be biased or discriminate, particularly based on religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. Can’t be biased for or against.

  17. I’ve read all the comments hoping that someone would make more of this important fact, which would have been the most important consideration for me if I was making the decision. CFA is not open on Sundays. Why on earth would you want any business serving in a major traffic hub that doesn’t agree to be open seven days a week?!?

    I couldn’t care less if CFA could prove that they could still make money (both for them, and then city) by being open only six days a week; that’s not the point! It’s not about them making money, it’s about offering travelers to our city convenient dining options.

    That would be stupid on the face of it, regardless of where CFA falls on the GLBT issues of the day.

      • Nope, it sure wasn’t. You can’t include every small requirement in an RFP. And it was presumed that any restaurant chosen as a sub-contractor to the vendor would’ve been willing to open on Sundays.

        • You presume too much. A bid MUST state the requirements. Especially if they are used to decline being rewarded so unless it does that requirement is not there & is not used as a basis. Most of your arguments don’t hold water. And you evidently don’t understand the nuances of case rulings by the Supreme Court because your arguments are ignoring facts and settled law. Either that or your head is buried in the sand with your opinion about what you understand about chick fil a

  18. I hope that Chick Fil-A sues the who know what out of the City. This is stupidity, pandering, and blatantly discriminatory.
    What a total pack of losers at the City.

  19. So many comments on one article. Interesting views.

    Didn’t see anyone mention that it appears they were booting Canes to give the slot to CFA. Canes is just fine and open all the time. As a frequent traveler, I hope they stick with Canes.

    What’s really bothering me is that we allow elected officials a say in the procurement business. No where else in the government (Federal, State, etc.) are elected people ever allowed to participate/vote on what professional procurement officials decide. This must stop….

  20. Good decision by the City Council. It’s not that I believe we should waste our time deciding which merchants share our beliefs and which don’t, but this particular one has made itself a poster child for negative, right-wing “Christian” pseudo-values. As a society we don’t need to stone them to death or boycott them… Hey, I even enjoy a little Chik Fil-A from time to time… but neither do we need to prop them up, front and center, as representatives of our city and of what WE as a community value.

    The other point, and I thinks it is very important, is that every merchant in a municipal, visitor-oriented facility needs to be open all the times that facility is open… Not closed on Sundays because you think that’s Christian or closed on Saturday because you’re Jewish and it’s the Sabbath or whatever… Our visitors and business travelers don’t come here to find things closed, regardless of what day it is. Outside of a city facility, they can make their own decisions on when to be open. A privately owned business can be closed five days a week, if that’s what they want to do. They don’t even need a reason, as far as I’m concerned.

    • So what you are saying is that it is perfectly all right to deny a company freedom of speech or thought? Welcome to Nazi San antonio city council. You either believe like we do or we will deny the public the right to vote with their dollars. Total hypocrites. We are the thought police & upholders of the code of correctness..heaven help us when the thought police come after their ideas.

      • “You either believe like we do or we will deny the public the right to vote with their dollars.” I just bet you think it’s okay for bakers to deny having to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, right?

        The CoSA isn’t denying any company any type of freedom. They’re simply choosing which restaurants they want to be available in our airport.

        • Please see the Supreme Court decision on that case and rethink your OPINION since toy seem to not understand our rights. You don’t have to agree with my opinion but neither do you have the right to discriminate against me because its different. So that is what city council is doing. They are the thought police & you had better hope they don’t deny you based upon your opinion because your hate is showing

    • Wrong!!! If you dictate what days airport vendors must be open, you next must dictate that they are all open 24/7. I’ve been in the airport in the middle of the night and NO ONE was open to sell me a cup of coffee. That dog won’t hunt.

  21. This is so dumb. There is a reason CFA is so popular. People love their food. As a traveler I’ve eaten at CFAs at other airports. Shocker right? Other airports don’t mind that CFA is closed on Sunday. Also, as a mother, CFA is guaranteed to meet the approval of picky fussy children when traveling. I can’t stand how political the CC is becoming.

  22. No problem. I did have plans to go to San Antonio for a vacation. I have since changed my mind about the place. It seems to be an intolerant city. Just yet another example of their bias, intolerance and bigotry. I can choose to spend my money visiting other places.

    • Oh, grow up. San Antonio is one of the most tolerant places in the world.

      This is actually an example of tolerance. The city has LGBTQ tolerance guidelines and they feel CFA does not meet them therefore they do not want them operating in a city run facility.

      Being tolerable towards the LGBTQ community is a big deal and if you’re upset that the city is adhering to that decree then we are better off with you not visiting our great city. You can spend your money else where.

      • Interesting how tolerance by this definition only goes one way. I love when the tolerance police are the most intolerant people around just like our city officials with this decision.

  23. I support the decision. Why the hate / discrimination of people that are different than us. They are human beings that god still loves. To be Christ like and believe in a god what not treat them as you would treat others

  24. It’s amazing how intolerant the “tolerant” left has become. They demand that others tolerant them but they do not tolerant diversity of opinion, free markets, freedom of thought. Only “our” way of thinking is to be tolerated. This is just history repeating itself.

    They don’t wish to compete on a intellectual stage instead, resorting to use of (government) force, personal attacks, and name calling.

  25. Fact- CFA has stores in over 25 major north American airports
    Fact- after having been traveling for over 45 years through airports I- and I am sure others have seen businesses that have a “closed today “sign
    Fact- travelers who are a fan of CFA understand they are not open on Sunday
    Guess what -they can and have chosen from many other options
    Not a substantiated fact- but people who agree with this decision may be another example that aliens may have entered our realm and taken over the minds of some people to create havoc and negative discourse in our world.
    It is just a restaurant with good food that many of us enjoy!!!

    Maybe President Trump can issue an executive order that would tie CFA allowing to be included in San Antonio Airport to Federal funding for the airport

  26. Some one must have sent out a Tweet about the original story. I know that the original reader who probably did this is a reader on this site, but all these people commenting cannot be regular readers of The Rivard Report, because their slant (the importance of our country being a Christian Republic of America based on Christian values) is not usually found in comments of many more articles where it would naturally fall. What we seem to be reading here are the comments from many people who are LOUD and like to push their beliefs on others, but would typically not read a sound news source such as The Rivard Report.

    • I read the rivard report. I don’t normally comment because I typically don’t see such stupid things reported. But the lack of brains in the mayor and city council does bring out the comments. Hopefully the tolerant will be voted out before they come for you. Thay are a stain on our city.

  27. The CFA at Dallas Love Field always has the longest line, seems like travelers don’t mind their hours or stance on marriage.

    Off topic, but the remodeled Dallas Love Field makes our airport look Stinson Field. And San Antonio International has a higher passenger count than Love. CC should be more concerned about how dumpy our airport looks, than about fried chicken.

    • Well, nobody minds a business’ operating hours when the business is open. It’s when the business is closed (Sundays) that people mind!

      • Every liquor store in the state is closed on Sunday. Why doesn’t our government do something about that? Values? Hmm…?

        • We’re trying to. There are actually four bills before the state legislature to accomplish just that. No more religious idiots trying to legislate morality. If CFA has a right to close on Sundays, then liquor stores ought to have a right to open on Sundays!

  28. The linked “fast food chain’s Association…”) CBS News article is questionable. CBS News states that Fellowship of Christian Athletes (which CFA financially supports) is ” anti-LGBT” and links directly to the FCA statement of belief. Any journalist would fault CBS News for this characterization after reading the statement.
    To distinguish any group that does not themselves participate in a behavior as instead being focused on other’s behavior is itself discrimination, harassment and bullying. Likewise, CBS News links directly to the Salvation Army’s own website without apparent notice of the content.

  29. Being a Christian doesn’t make the gay issue a binary position. Christian values teach us to “hate the sin and love the sinner”. God himself established the Christian point of view about LBG… (random insert from alphabet). He also established a clearly articulated point of view about sexuality. You want me to defy my God?

    You guys flaming CFA should relook up the definition of the word “Tolerance”. San Antonio is quickly becoming extremist in it’s mandatory world view. If CFA as a christian organization is not welcome because they are christian, what’s next? Will I, as a Christian, have to pay more taxes? Will my family have to move because we don;t want to live in a city that desires to be a modern Sodom or Gomorrah? Because God himself established Man and Woman, and I’m not so arrogant to believe I’m smarter than Him? If you as a person choose to ignore God, you have the free will do so. Leave me my free will, also. Other wise, we might have need of some of the rest of the Amendments.

    Where is the political leader that supports the first amendment (no law respecting religion…) The city council is in violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of the law. Discrimination based on religion is not cool, not what your non-binary gender decision might be today. Why? Well, wait a few days, your non-binary changeable position might just change again.

  30. Is the city council beholden to the anti christian community ? Did our city council have evidence that CFA was not serving the gay community ? Of course not! Did the gay community have an undue influence on our city council ?

    All I can say is that the situation grabbed the attention of the nation and not in a good way.

  31. “I want the first thing [a visitor to] see is a San Antonio that is welcoming and that they not see … a symbol of hate,” Councilman Manny Pelaez (D8) said

    VOTE THIS CLOWN OUT OF DISTRICT 8 Chick-Fil-A is not a “symbol” of hate. A burning cross, yes, a raised fist, yes, a hitler salute yes. Chick Fil A NO

  32. I guess the City election is just a few weeks away. Amazing now of all time Trevino gets to belt out on the mountaintop. Could the real reason be an election that is too close for him? Is he going to bury a Chick-Fil-A location and keep the location secret like the Mayor is hiding the old Confederate statue and the beloved HemisFair arch? Guess I will make my first visit to the Chick-Fil-A location across from Crossroads Mall.

  33. Why not open a Bill Miller’s BBQ at the airport? They would be open everyday of the week and there is nothing that says San Antonio more than a Bill Miller’s. Who could resist grabbing a Bill Miller Po-Boy Sandwich for their upcoming flight? Take a taste of San Antonio on your trip with you.

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