6 thoughts on “A New Era Dawns for the Alamo and Alamo Plaza

  1. I happened to drop by the Alamo last weekend for the first time in a few months. It’s a shame what happened to the site over the past century. I hope that the money appropriated and master plan will be focused upon improving the grounds and the surrounding area.

    In my personal opinion, that first means removing the majority of the stone and pavement out front. The property would be improved if the Alamo wasn’t so “crowded in” by surrounding buildings and vehicles. It also deserves some lawn/trees out front. Because of the downtown location it will never have the open space of Mission San Jose, but the state should do everything in its power to make the area look more like a park worthy of UNESCO status.

    Also, the entire strip of carnival attractions and stores across the street must (MUST) be removed to another location. I do not blame the vendors for their presence, but I blame the state and city for allowing the site to degenerate to this point. What a sad testament to the heroes of the Alamo that they must co-exist next to a mechanical T-Rex and a wax museum.

    We often speak of how sacred and important the Alamo is to us, so now it is time to demonstrate our commitment. Hopefully ten years from now we can take our out of town guests to the Alamo and they will reply with more than the statement, “that’s it?”

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