8 thoughts on “A Walk On the Pride Side: Parade Celebrates SA’s LGBTQIA Community

  1. Another wonderful, affirming, powerful Pride SA is in the books! I’m looking forward to Pride 2019 already!

  2. The Pride parade has grown so much over the years as well as the crowd attending it. There are so many participant company/employee groups that it is now interesting to notice who is NOT participating (especially considering the importance of the local LGBTQIA community as both customers and employees of companies). USAA, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc., were there, but not Frost Bank. Target was there, but not H-E-B. Chipotle and Starbucks were there, but not Whataburger. Andeavor (formerly Tesoro) was there, but not NuStar or Valero.

    • H-E-B was burned before for giving a $600 donation to a pride event once. Bigots picketed one of their Northside stores. That’s right. A measly $600.

      Now they prove their corporate cowardice by staying away from anything related.

  3. oh wow good point… you are right it is probably the first big event that I went to that HEB wasn’t present. WOW. telling.

    Meanwhile HUZZAH City and County people. You made me proud!

  4. It is interestimg to note that the “pride side” uses a biblical symbol of the rainbow as their mascot. Refer to Genesis Chapter 8 & 9, God’s covenant with Noah.

    • Which part do you speak of exactly? The “be fruitful and multiply” part we’ve heard many a time to condemn us? Or the “God made man in his own image” part? Because all these people were made in God’s image. Oh and way to trivialize the rainbow as “their mascot.” That’s in no way condescending at all *eye roll*. It embodies so much more, including freedom from the hatred that long plagued many in the LGBT community, often by the very people they loved and trusted and people who claimed to follow Christ.
      Try referring to I John 2:9-11 instead.

    • The rainbow is a “biblical symbol”? Really? Funny, I thought it was merely a natural phenomenon caused by the dispersion of light by water droplets. Isn’t the fish a biblical symbol? Are you upset that Long John Silver’s fast-food franchise uses a fish symbol for its greasy food? WWJD?

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