7 thoughts on “Advice to a Divided School Board: Look South for the Next Superintendent

  1. What a mess that board has been! For everyone’s sake, I hope the tide is about to turn. {Good reporting The Rivard Report}

  2. What a fractious collection of humanity. I’ve never been treated by a professional board the way this board treated our presenters. During all of our negotiations with staff, Dr. Perez was one of two people who consistently treated us with respect. The behavior of certain board members is quite appalling as is widely discussed in our part of town and in others I would venture. Our District 1 trustee was completely incapable of building any coalition whatsoever and fumbled away an enormous opportunity for our charter school and our community. His duplicitous actions destroyed relationships for no apparent reason other than ineptitude. I for one am thrilled to see him step down.

    The first politics that touch our lives are dictated by school boards. It’s small comfort that other boards in the county are even worse. Bringing a great deal of money, enthusiasm, time and talent to readily resolve a clear and pressing problem, we were unceremoniously kicked in the teeth by 4 board members, perhaps keen on scoring some sort of inner political points. Not only do they need someone working with them on intra board communications; but also, they need simple ETIQUETTE lessons. They readily ignore Federal Law – that being The National Preservation Act. They are petty, childish, rude and any number of derogatory traits. Dr. Sylvester Perez is a breath of much-needed fresh air. I hope they do not treat him as shabbily as they treated our board.

  3. What is the name of “the only woman candidate to emerge from the search” who was “Among the candidates interviewed who didn’t make it as finalists”?

    • I wish I knew. Still trying to find out. I’m told she was remarkably articulate and poised, and that after she left the room, a woman trustee remarked she didn’t like the way her hair fell over her glasses. Ugh.

  4. Mexico? Just kidding! Let’s just abolish the bureaucratic Department of Education and privatize the school system. I’ll start an organization called 500 Charters (named after the incubator) and we’ll put a charter school in every city that doesn’t already have one or several. What do you think?

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