4 thoughts on “Alamo Artifacts Provide a Glimpse Into San Antonio’s Past

  1. The courage and bravery of the men who sacrificed every thing for liberty and their fellow “Texicans” is an inspiration. It is good that archeologists are preserving that history.

    • True, it is good that archaeologists are able to preserve the history of the Alamo, including artifacts from the time of the Battle of the Alamo. But this display covers the whole history of the Alamo, from the Spanish Mission days to the time after the Civil War. It is important to preserve the history of all people from all eras during which the Alamo has stood. The indigenous people, Mexicans, Texans and all Americans have ties of varying degrees and types to the missions it is important to remember the good and the bad parts of our history.

  2. If you want to learn about all of UTSA’s Center for Archaeological Research’s excavations at the Alamo dating back to the 1970s, you can download the reports at http://car.utsa.edu/CARResearch/Publications.html . Look through the links on that page. It is difficult to search for the Alamo in their digital collection.

    The DRT’s 2007 Alamo Master Plan also has a section on the archaeological digs.

  3. Starting with HemisFair, Mission Concepcion and the Univision Site as examples, many of the archaeologists involved have helped destroy and diminish exponentially more Franciscan, Mission Indian and Alamo heritage than the small assortment of artifacts set forth (for public consumption), in those vitrines. One could say the archaeolgists are aiding and abetting the corrupt special interest developers that are exploiting for financial gain some of our most significant and depleting Texas and US-Mexico heritage.

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