7 thoughts on “Alamo Heights Council Approves Design for Apartment Complex

  1. Ok until that last line “affordable, upscale and “luxury apartments.” The latter two contradict the first.
    I seriously doubt it will be “affordable.”

  2. “Julian Hall, Alamo Heights Neighborhood Association president, said many residents continue to worry about the project’s height, density, and potential impact on traffic and drainage.”
    “Hans said the rendering did not accurately portray the building’s height in relation to surrounding structures and landmarks, such as the former Mobil gas station with the iconic Pegasus sign.”

    These are the same, old, tired arguments against mixed-use or multi-family housing. We need housing more of a housing supply in SA and Alamo Heights, plain and simple. Let’s move into the 21st Century here.

    This project could be better if there were one or two story density bonuses in exchange for a % of affordable units – Alamo Heights in particular should be thinking about this…don’t just create a city for the wealthy.

    I applaud the parking underground…and, due to its location, as well, being one that will lend itself to biking/walking, they should lower the minimum parking requirements and make the project more affordable, which in the end lends itself to more affordable units.

  3. From the renderings, I think that the development is ugly and will completely change the character of the Broadway/Austin Highway intersection.

    • what character? it’s a major road intersection with a few 1970’s buildings and some underutilized green space at the corner, not much character going on.

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