One thought on “Also Made In Mexico: Lifesaving Devices

  1. NAFTA enabled medical device makers to continue to remain solvent by shuttering operations in the US and relocating them in Mexico. Obamacare imposed a medical device tax that went into effect in 2013. Faced with increasing competition from China and the additional tax, manufacturers chose to relocate operations to Tijuana Mexico where there is lower taxes, lower labor cost, and a reduced financial burden due to government oversight and regulations. There are clearly winners and losers in globalization. By and large the people of North America have have been on the losing end while large Multinational Corporations have been on the winning end, as evidenced by the soring rates of income inequality in all three NAFTA countries. NAFTA’s provisions for protecting the rights of foreign investors (corporations) have been successfully used in all three countries to challenge local and state regulations aimed protecting public health and the environment. This is what happens when our laws are written not by our politicians, but lobbyist. No one is foolish enough to think that a handful of bureaucrats in Washington DC wrote the approximately 11,588,500 words of Obamacare right? I’ll bet my bottom dollar not one of those bureaucrats even read the damned thing. I sure in the hell didn’t. Yet we expect hospitals, doctors, nurses, and private practitioners to memorize the entire thing in order to make sure they don’t end up on the wrong side of the law? I think that is the real root cause of our skyrocketing health care cost.
    Yeah, I think I’m more concerned with that, than I am a possible 10 or 20 percent tax on medical devices coming from Mexico. Besides, China is going to inevitably put them all out of business either way.

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