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  1. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases of an innocent person getting killed by uniform police in this city. It saddens me to this day my step-brother’s little boy will never have his father again because of a shooting by an off duty Bexar co. Officer. My family is still trying to seek Justice for Mathew Jackson.

  2. Thank you Bob for writing enough words to lay out all the issues with this case especially the explanation of the political inconvenience of bringing charges against an employee of the politically powerful UIW. Parents with teenage boys can’t help but feel it could have been their own son lying in the grave. Any organization representing the Christian church should first uphold truth, rather than suppress it, and let the chips fall where they may. They have a higher standard to uphold, but are doing the opposite. I wonder if this all would have turned out differently if proper discipline and apologies by UIW had taken place at the beginning rather than an apparent cover-up which only fuels activism by the family, the community and journalists like yourself.

  3. I applaud you for taking a stance on this issue and for following the case for closing. It means a lot. Thank you.

  4. Thanks again to the The Rivard Report for their continued coverage of this incident. Cameron and his family deserve justice and peace and University of the Incarnate Word & Officer Christopher Carter need to be held accountable. Cardinals for Cameron Justice for Cameron Redus.

  5. The factual recitation of events in your letter provided useful insight into the events of that tragic evening. The use of terms like “morbidly obese’ to describe the officer does not help the discussion and is apparently used to prejudice readers against him. The facts do that standing alone and should be the basis for the DA’s analysis of the case. So all engaging this sensitive and timely issue should desire justice for Cameron’s family and for the officer. If the facts demonstrate the officer’s negligence and even criminal conduct then he should be punished accordingly. Contrawise if Cameron’s conduct justified the officer’s actions then that result should be accepted. Only when we become as objective as possible about law enforcement/ civilian confrontations will true justice be served .Thanks for the opportunity to offer comments.

      • Medical terminology does not justify misplaced and , and as noted, unhelpful attempts discredit. Fat shaming is not the issue here. Justice is the issue. Turning off supporters with mean spirited descriptions will not help the cause. Keep personal issues with looks, weight and personal behavior as just that, personal. Keep the fight for justice for Cameron first.

        • The officer’s physical condition and size is relevant if we are to potentially judge his decision to fire based on what he stated was a physical confrontation or fear of an escalating physical confrontation, just as we would note if an alleged criminal was 6.4 190 pounds and an officer was 5.4 and 210 pounds.

        • I categorically reject your unsubstantiated charge of “fat shaming.” The issue of obesity, physical conditioning and training, or lack thereof, all go directly to the issue of how Officer Carter conducted himself at the scene prior to resorting to lethal force against a much smaller, unarmed individual with no history of violence. I am confident that release of the audio tape will shed light on this issue and show that Carter’s physical efforts to subdue Cameron Redus actually worked to cause Redus to fear for his own safety and well-being and thus struggle as anyone would who feared for their life. The UIW leadership, its legal team and the Alamo Heights police chief have yet to address the coroner’s findings that Carter resorted to using his hands to choke Redus, applying enough force to leave telltale bruises around his neck.

  6. Thank you for the well written article Mr. Rivard. It is time for this case to go to grand jury and let them review the evidence that has thus far been suppressed.

  7. Rivard’s cogent article gave me goosebumps. He has cleared the air on what needs to be done regarding justice for the killing of Redus. Our new DA would be very wise to take Rivard’s article very seriously and act on it. Or is SA supposed to shrug its collective shoulders at “politics as usual”?

  8. Thank you Bob Rivard for this most powerful piece yet on the strange silences and lack of visible movement-toward-justice in the many months since Cameron’s tragic death. Hopefully it will stir up further action! Thanks for updating our community on all fronts and for speaking so strongly and truthfully.

  9. Well-said, Mr. Rivard! Thank you for voicing the concerns of so many in our community, as we wait for justice to prevail (and ponder Mr. LaHood’s curiously delayed actions…?)

  10. The truth always comes out. This article in addition to public support helps pave the way. No one wants an argument, we just want the truth.

  11. Thank you for giving us all a voice in this appeal to DA Nico LaHood. Thank you for laying out the facts with clarity. Thank you for daring to show in historical-written-form empathy and compassion; it’s something we as a community are feeling with depth…equally met with frustration. This case begs for transparency and we are looking to IWC to step up and remove every last bit of shroud and cloak. The eyes of a Nation are upon the Agnese brothers who must come to the realization that the reputation of the red bricks will crumble without stoic credibility.

  12. Fantastic piece. I was surprised to find just now by coming across DA LaHood’s campaign-oriented Twitter account (@nico4da) that he quotes Micah 6:8 prominently: “What does the Lord ask of you? To seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with your God. – Micah 6:8.” If he really believes this, there’s more justice to be sought here, and that explicitly. I hope it happens.

  13. Bob, I know nothing about this case other than what the news has reported, so I don’t have an opinion on the case. I would rather it not turn into an open discussion about police tactics across the country. I am a police supporter, generally, and believe all of these situations should be reviewed on their merits. I applaud your direct and open letter and your use of this forum to ask for a review of the facts for presentation to a grand jury.

  14. Couldn’t agree more. I see this as a UIW action against justice. Haven’t been crazy about their actions in years, but their students deserve better than this. The President likes his own way and is rather a bully. Thank you for writing this!

    • Cardinal, I couldn’t agree more about both sides being heard, but that is exactly what the young man’s family and the author are asking for. For the DA to bring this to a grand jury and let the facts be known. Truth and justice should have no fear in being heard.

  15. This is a stunning report on a most egregious police shooting of an unarmed person. If this case can’t even get a hearing before a grand jury, then the district attorney is no more than a lame political hack. And, worse, the prospects for democratically elected justice in San Antonio fades by the day. I hope others in the SA media are standing up on this as well, but I have a feeling that is not happening. Very nice work, Bob.

  16. This case makes absolutely no sense. All I can figure is somebody with big money and political connections must be paying to suppress this case. Does Carter come from a politically connected family?

  17. I wonder what motivates someone to part with $2 million hard earned, non-deductible dollars to elect a DA? Hard to imagine our DA isn’t bought and paid for. But why would that influence this case? Last I heard Thomas J Henry hasn’t an interest in this case. I am not ready to say that Carter acted inappropriately. I think that is ultimately up to a Grand Jury and perhaps Jury Trial.

  18. Well said. I hoped that DA LaHood would have manned-up and prosecuted this case on its merits and not let it dissolve further into the mire that it has become. Sadly, he has shown us that he and his office will be doling out selective justice. Perhaps their thought process was guided by the events in Ferguson. Perhaps they thought that not inditing a white cop for shooting black kid equaled protests of inequality, looting, and fires. Perhaps they thought that not inditing a white cop for shooting a white kid would quell similar protests here. Perhaps…

  19. Am I the only one who thinks things would have been really different if Redus was Hispanic? That the cop would have been indicted and UIW would have sung a different tune.

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