23 thoughts on “Arcade Midtown Kitchen at the Pearl is Closing

  1. While not connected too closely with the “local culinary community,” the closing of Arcade comes as a huge surprise. Every time we went, the place was packed. Moreover, the rapid closing – just 5 days out – seems a bit fishy.

    • Care to elaborate? I’ve been here for over 4 years and a few tenants have moved but I’m not remembering shops closing other than something early on.

  2. Sad to to see this go. Jesse and his team have always been at the top of their game. Wish him the best going forward. Maybe Southerleigh can pick up some of the excellent wait staff as that seems to be an issue there.

    • He’s helped the ones who have a passion for the culinary world all of the cooks that worked there including myself had a small vacation then back to work at different restaurants such as feast, shuck shack and biga on the banks..our sous chefs decided to work out of town and state

  3. Both food and service were good. Just because this restaurant closes doesn’t mean the Pearl (nor San Antonio) concept is flawed or that this city can support higher-end eateries. Chef-owned restaurants are never considered long-term bets anyway. Shame because the staff there was really well trained and seemed to really enjoy working there. Hopefully we have a good replacement filling the void.

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