4 thoughts on “Archdiocese Plans New Pavilion, Parish Hall for Mission San José

  1. Minor Catholic nerd correction:

    A “cathedral” is a bishop’s church building, named for his seat within the structure, the ‘cathedra’; there’s generally only one such building per diocese. (Ours is San Fernando, for example; Galveston-Houston is a unique example of a diocese with two cathedrals owing to accidents of history; however, since a diocese can only have one bishop, both cathedrals there are CO-cathedrals.)

    The missions are legally/organizationally a “parish.” (Thus, interestingly, under canon law, they are no longer missions….) Physically/architecturally the mission building in which Mass is celebrated is a “church.”

    Though I think technically the Alamo isn’t a church since it isn’t consecrated; it’s certainly not a parish.

  2. Annual prayer gatherings are still held at the Misión San Antonio de Valero, which some people call the Alamo. They are closed to the public as they are for those who have ancestors still buried on the grounds. Although it is a huge tourist spot for folks from all over the world, for those of us who have family members’ remains there, it is a sacred site for prayer and offerings to the Creator.

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