12 thoughts on “Artist Scott Martin: When Others are Sleeping, Painting the Darkness with Light

  1. Responding to two emails with the same question: Scott Martin’s work, “Night at the Pearl,” can be viewed by going to The Rivard Report home page and remaining there while his slide show plays automatically. Those images are not actually visible within the body of the story itself. Thanks, RR

  2. I have Scott’s “Portal” in my living room… we prefer to call it the “Terlingua Tardis”. Love Scott’s work (and glad he likes mine!), trying to avoid becoming a remote art gallery of his work.

  3. Bob, loved your article on Scott. His work is incredible and seeing it in person is pretty amazing. Scott gave Mark a print shooting light each hour of the day Asa, my grandson, was born. It’s very cool! Really enjoy The Rivard Report!

  4. Nice work Scott. Hope all is well (and btw, wasn’t one of the boiler and spool shot a colaborration with Shawn Petersen? Man it was fun working with
    shawn last year) again, nice work.

  5. I just watched Country Reporter and was introduced to Scott and his WONDERFUL photography. Is there a gallery that exhibits his photos? I am particularly interested in “Midnight Sun”. I was born and raised in Austin, moved to Dallas in 1970, and have recently returned to the Austin area (Lago Vista). I would really LOVE to see more of his work, if possible.
    Thank you,

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