19 thoughts on “Autopsy Report Raises Troubling Questions in Fatal Shooting of UIW Student

  1. I think UIW President Louis Agnese should fly home from his sabbatical and address this situation personally. Campus police officers should be intelligent problem solvers, not just cops for hire. They’re dealing with a youthful population that is prone to making mistakes, and the police officers in question should take that into account…

  2. Thank you for your continuing coverage of this story. Once again my brother and his family have displayed amazing eloquence and grace in the face of the most devastating loss. Cameron was an amazing young man and he and his family deserve justice.

    • Dear Karen, I couldn’t help but notice what I am guessing is your maiden name. Your family has the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, and the non-violent grace of Jesus Christ. I have yet to meet them, but I do admire them. –RR

  3. I think Agnese should be fired. The sisters need to rethink things in a major way. Maybe it’s unrealistic to think they would, however. As someone who recently graduated, I know first hand business and money rules first. They try to pretend they are for higher ideals with “The Mission” and all that, but they aren’t. The campus food contractor Sodexo pays it’s employees terrible wages. I heard stories from cafeteria workers of some being homeless while working there. They make extensive use of adjuncts, which also pay terrible. Now they are employing campus police that show no mercy, supposedly a biblical principal. The fish rots from the head down and Agnese just cares about the UIW brand. Going D1 is more of a concern than Cameron. They need to really think deeply about the environment they are fostering. It’s not one of social justice, that’s for sure.

  4. I went to school at UIW and lived there for a time. I feel like it could have been anyone that went to school there. I knew many people that made poor decisions while they were there and they are now graduated and going on with their lives. The officers I knew had a certain patience knowing how old the students were and only a few times did I notice a little steam being let off, but never causing harm. This officer was not ready for this kind of job, and the family deserves to ask any question they want about what happened.

  5. Wow. This new information is both saddening and shocking. Now that UIW knows this information, because they have allegedly been in the dark about these facts, they should make the choice of ending their relationship with Carter.

    In my opinion, Carter has proven to inadequately prepared for the duties of the job, he has embarrassed the university and it’s name, and he killed someone as close range for driving drunk. UIW needs to also take a look at all of their policies and procedures as well as the equipment the chose to use or not use.

    Thanks you for these thoughtful and thorough updates.

  6. Why has Agneese not flown home to deal with this situation??? Evidently he’s dialing it in during his near retirement…
    Evidently one of his police officers murdering someone off campus during a traffic stop that a IWPD officer has no business even being involved with in the first place is not enough to bring him home from vacation!!!?!!?
    As an Incarnate Word Alum I am personally disgusted by the schools reaction to this tragedy – I will personally no longer be donating to Incarnate Word 🙁

    • President Agneese is not on Vacation. He is on sabbatical to spend time with his ill wife, rumors are that she doesn’t have much longer. However, I’m sure he could have come in. As far as a peace office making traffic stops in concerned, your issue is with that state which allows, if not requires, them too. UIW polices and procedures should limit this behavior, so in that respect you are right.

      While I feel that UIW’s response has left much to be desired, they are doing their best. You have to remember that they are finding out all of this information at the same time you and I are. How the respond going forward with this new information will determine the character of the administration. It is also important to note that the universities’ PR department is small, lacking resources, and, in my opinion, inexperienced. Which is ironic because many of their student and professors would have delt with these issues better.

      As far as donations are concerned, you are entitled to spend your money how you see fit, but keep in mind that the less money that they have the less they have to spend on quality faculty and staff. At best the value of your degree is diminished and at worst incidents such as this one are repeated. I would reserve judgment until we see how they react with this new information.

  7. Wow..Denise Aguirre, Jennifer Marcha Allen I keep getting disappointed by Campus Police, Park Police & the San Antonio Police Department. What to do, what to do??

  8. I want to congratulate you on having a much better article related to the autopsy than was in the Express-News. Your article is better written, includes far more details (such as the angles of the shots), and includes other pertinent information (such as the concern by students that Carter’s size would make it difficult for him to physically deal with a person in a fight). In my opinion, Carter at most should have followed the car to the parking lot and then left when he realized the young man was already home. Since the offence was one off campus, why did he need to try to have an encounter. Furthermore, NO police officer should have any excuse for shooting an unarmed person. Also, if a shot is made, it should only be to disable the person rather than all the bullets in the gun being shot until the person is dead. Carter went rogue. How can there be any question of it. Criminal charges should be brought against him. And if they aren’t, the family should file civil charges against him. Under NO circumstances should he be allowed to return to work at the university.

    • Dansktx, I am tardy in thanking you for your kind words about our continuing coverage of a most senseless killing. Please watch the site for more stories in the coming days and weeks. –RR

  9. Thanks for the information. We didn’t get this kind of detail in the Express-News. After reading the above, I’m now of the opinion this police officer should be indicted. But……..we’ll see.

  10. Thank you for your continued, accurate, well-written and compassionate coverage of Cam. My brother has known Cameron since fourth grade and graduated from BCA with him back in 2008. They would occasionally come out to my house in spring branch and borrow tubes to go float the Guadalupe River. Cam was always a joy to be around. When he talked to you, you had his full attention. He wanted to make sure you felt like he was hearing every word you said. It grieves me to think of such a beautiful soul and how his life was snuffed out in an instant. It also grieves me to read such hateful comments from people who didn’t even know him. I, like everyone else, am ignorant of what really happened that night…..other than Carter’s account and what the news outlets have been reporting. But I find it hard to believe, having known Cam personally, that Carter’s account is entirely accurate. And I think what I would ask of everyone who thinks that Cameron is ” a piece of trash” who “got what he deserved” because he “chose to disobey a police officer” is to take into consideration that this was a HUMAN LIFE. A precious creation of God the Father whom he loves very much. As is Cpl. Chris Carter. No one single life is created superior to another. I don’t hate Mr. Carter. And knowing Cameron’s family, it is hard to imagine them hating anyone either. They are grieving the loss of their SON. The hate needs to STOP. Hate for Cameron AND hate for Carter.

  11. Another case of a trigger happy cop with little to no training with a firearm. Properly trained people are taught to fire “until the threat is neutralized.”
    That means one shot in the lower leg on an extremely inebriated man.

    NOT 5 “wild” shots hitting him all over his body, including his f#cking BACK!
    (Which, by the way, severed his spine and lodged in his heart.)

    I’m a damn “civilian” and I know more about gun safety and protocol than these “supposed” professionals.

    You can’t give every dumbass 18 year old kid with a GED a firearm and expect good results.

    These “training programs” are ridiculous.

  12. Since Texans can legally carry concealed guns now why the surprise when law enforcement and security personnel shoot first when faced with any resistance?

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