7 thoughts on “Heavy Rains Hit San Antonio; Flood Website Back Online

  1. No machine is totally foolproof. While everybody was watching the gulf, a storm from nowhere came in from the west. 5 years ago people would have died. We’re getting better.

  2. I’m wondering why the flood crossing signals at low water crossings weren’t flashing…one is located on hillcrest and babcock…it was not flashing and yet police had the area blocked because of high water…those signals cost a lot of money to install and they are never used…please explain why…

  3. I was visiting San Antonio this past weekend when the rain started, I left Tuesday morning heading back to Ft Worth, and came across some high water streets, the rain was intense, I was in the rain until I reached Temple, Tx on i35 north, God bless San Antonio, Tx

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