7 thoughts on “Bexar County Getting Less Money Back for Mission Reach Than Originally Thought

  1. Sad that nobody was monitoring the appropriations bill to identify the change. Watching our federal government work makes it unsurprising that the change to the appropriations bill was made. Hopefully the Rivard Report will be able to get an explanation for the change.

    • Rivard Report won’t even ask Wolff/Cisneros/Nirenberg to justify their claim that San Antonio has moved beyond rail, instead choosing to parrot the assertion that somehow the solution for San Antonio is more cars.

      If they won’t even challenge the powers that be on issues that matter, I highly doubt they’ll put much effort into where a few million went missing on the Mission Reach.

      • Aaron, I share your concerns. The RR seems to be a PR publication for the city instead of a publication that digs deep to find the stories that matter to the taxpayers.

  2. Sounds like someone else at the Federal level wanted to quietly reallocate money for their other priorities while avoiding the public scrutiny of a formal allocation or outright budget increase, and saw this little basket as easy and convenient pickings. Our Congress at work with their slippery word games.

  3. Nelson Wolf is absolutely correct . As long as I can remember , at least as far back as the mid 50’s when I was in high school , the north has ALWAYS gotten the biggest share of the public money largesse . To be frank even now — just look and ask how many southside and westside streets could have been repaired and how many miles of safe side walks could be built with the money that will be used to build a “land “ bridge over Wurzbach Parkway which I suspect will be used very little by humans and animals. I suppose it is all about the number of potential and actual voters and the number of donated political contribution dollars that count in politicians’ minds – so poor neighborhoods that do not generate enough political dollars and votes will never get needed services .

  4. This whole project(s) of “restoring” the environmental elements and recreational benefits of the west side creeks, the Mission Reach, the northern Riverwalk ,etc. is really iffy when you put it on a scale weighing it against using national Federal taxpayer funds for a necessary, protecting lives and property-type projects. Our SA projects, as much as we love them, are just icing on the cake. I would make an educated guess that all or most of our projects were done originally with Federal funds/CoE design, etc. I know the deep trench on the south SA river was CoE – you can look at it and see their “design stamp” all over it.
    This happened on a CoE project I toured in ’94 near Orlando, FLA on the Kissame River where the CoE had been paid millions back in the fifties, I believe, to take the curves out of the river so it would not flood adjoining croplands and put the river into a deep, straight ditch into the Everglades. By the 90’s everyone, incl the CoE realized and admitted that had been a very bad idea to destroy the river, so the CoE got hundreds of millions more to “un-screw” the Kissame River. Talk about job security! Anything sounding familiar yet? If the Fed dollars were so crucial to this SA project, the politicians should have waited until it was a sure thing and not jumped the gun. But, rightfully, it is a SA and Bexar “feel good” project and we should pay for it – not with Minn, CA, Neb, or NY tax dollars. But, very likely, it was quietly considered part of a legacy of a perennial local politician and time was running out, so the green light was given to the construction. But, in fairness, it probably turned out for the best for all of us who also are Federal taxpayers. Spend tax money wisely first on NEEDS and if any surplus, then give fair, wise consideration of funding “wants

  5. What a short memory Bexar County has! I remember when the river was widened south of the city in the 1970’s to straighten it out and for flood control. Now the County wants the Feds to reimburse it for “beautifying” the river. Give the federal taxpayers a break! Why should we in Bexar county expect the Feds to quickly reimburse twice. No wonder Bexar county has the highest debt of any county in Texas

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