13 thoughts on “Bexar County’s Air Officially Too Polluted To Meet EPA’s Ozone Standard

  1. San Antonio needs to stop spraying weed killer along roads running off into creeks. S e military drive is really bad after spraying, everything turns brown, trees, bushes, etc…right over salado creek. This happens all over San Antonio.

    • This is also visible along S WW White Rd!! The lower half of all the vegetation is DEAD and looks HORRIBLE!!! Now it’s a fire hazard… Great, thanks a lot. Spraying poison along MILES of road along property owner’s backyards… Great, thanks a lot.

  2. Suggestions to help reduce dirty air and our Carbon Footprint in SA

    My concerns stem from having to put my wife in the hospital this past winter. Dirty air is not only a concern to the EPA, but importantly to the citizens of SA that suffer from respiratory illnesses such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis, etc. I don’t know what can be done to reduce allergens, but the following could have positive results:

    Having many opportunities to drive around SA in the wee hours of late night and early mornings, I see many cars and trucks, in very light traffic, IDLING at stop lights.

    It is apparent that few, if any, (as I haven’t found one) intersections have a peek traffic sequence to the lights and a late night/early morning sequence. This creates many cars/trucks to be idling unnecessarily at all SA intersections needlessly. With the population growth that is predicted, this problem will only get much worse.

    I am basing my suggested solutions on my assumption that most, if not all, intersection light sequences are under computerized control.
    If I’m wrong in this assumption, then upgrades to 21st century technology should occur.

    Solution 1

    At 10 PM until 6 AM (or other appropriate hours) the light sequence is FLASHING RED in all directions (Note: People tend to approach flashing red lights with more caution than otherwise)

    Solution 2

    Same as above at 4 way intersections with the exception that the dominant traffic flow be FLASHING YELLOW and the less dominant be FLASHING RED.

    Solution 3

    At appropriate hours the daytime sequence be replaced by another sequence reducing the idle time in all directions to appropriate levels of traffic.

  3. This summer I’ve seen many cars and trucks idling with the AC on. I wish there would be a way to discourage this wasteful practice.

  4. Yet San Antonio focuses on sports arenas, outdoor concerts, more give aways for the tourist industry.
    Why isn’t San Antonio focusing on the need for real mass transit? We need elevated trains similar to the ones at Disney World. Quiet, run by electricity, and not hindered by traffic.
    Perhaps those of us who are suffering with bronchial issues should sue the governor and City Council?

    • No, San Antonio city council focuses on taking down statues and painting rainbow crosswalks. There’s no originality nor critical thinking in solving the city’s problems. They just keep taking their cues from places like Seattle. A cesspool of homelessness, disease, and disfunctional government .

  5. I was curious if Bear County will sign on, along with other surrounding counties, to begin performing annual emissions testing? Bexar has been out of the loop for a while. Since the county is growing in population, this means more vehicles of all kinds contributing to additional vehicular smog and especially at idle state. I think it’s time! Again, I’m surprised that SA has been gotten out of this one for so long.

    • How Reporting Works

      You can help the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) get the word to owners of smoking vehicles in Texas. The next time you see a car, truck, or bus anywhere in Texas with dirty smoke coming from its exhaust for more than 10 consecutive seconds, write down the license number, date, time, and city where you saw the smoking vehicle.

      Report the smoking vehicle, within 30 days, by submitting the online reporting form in English or Spanish or by calling 1-800-453-SMOG (7664). You do not have to give your name, and the report is free.

      The TCEQ will then notify the owner that his or her vehicle may be contributing to air pollution by smoking excessively. The TCEQ will also provide the owner with information about how car maintenance will improve the vehicle’s performance.

  6. CPS Energy plans to shut down the “Dirty Deely” coal plant this year 2018.

    Climate Action SA climateactionsa.com recommends closing the other two coal plants, Spruce I in 2022

    & Spruce II in 2025.

    We recommend that the transition away from gas be completed by 2030.

    Currently, CPS Energy wants to keep burning coal PAST 2042!
    and to keep on fracking.

    CPS, that’s not the way to clean up our air.

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