6 thoughts on “Bexar’s Eye: Esparza Elementary, Where Northside ISD’s Dual-Language Program Began

  1. How many elementary schools are in NISD? Also, how many DL students continue this through HS and be PROFICIENT?? Hopefully, this is a home grown DL instructor – not a Spanish language hire from outside the U S of A.

    • My daughter had Ms Hernandez in Kinder and my daughter’s current teacher IS from Mexico, which I love.

      I DO NOT have any issues that she is not home grown. She is bringing proper Spanish and exposing the Mexican culture to my daughter. All of this is such a benefit in so many ways.

      I think being open minded is a great personality trait to pass on to our next generation.

  2. My daughter is in this program and it is wonderful! I just wish NISD would expand into more middle schools and eventually high schools.

    At the rate they are going with the Elementary school expansions, two middle schools is not enough to continue to to build on this program.

  3. The Dual Language program is amazing. I’m glad you highlighted it in this article. However, there is a mistake. The Dual Language program began in two NISD elementary schools in the same year. Esparza Elementary was one of those two schools. The other school is Monroe May Elementary. Both are excellent schools. I’m not trying to take anything away from Esparza. I love that school. I just wanted to correct the mistake and honor the hardworking folks at May Elementary as well.

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