5 thoughts on “Bexar’s Eye: Nearing 9 Years of Sobriety in Monte Vista

  1. Karen J, thank you for sharing your story with Brendan Gibbons and Rivard Report readers. Many people in the community have taken the opportunity to share thier ideas, passions, and criticisms about life in San Antonio by submitting commentaries for publication. We hope you will take the opportunity to write for us in the future. -RR

  2. Thanks for the share. Encouraging and a reminder that alcoholism can be controlled through AA and a spiritual connection. But that relapse is a very real danger.

  3. Sobriety stories are always inspirational. The spiritual connection doesn’t have to be about some imaginary supernatural source of power, though. Austin AA helped me stop drinking in 1981 where I attended meetings at least once a week for nearly twelve years. My higher power was the connection with other people whose sobriety goals I shared. Sitting in those meetings with folks that I became friends with over the years put me in touch with the power of human connection, my spiritual rescuer.

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