2 thoughts on “Bexar’s Eye: Walker Ranch Dam Draws Diversity of Life to Still Waters

  1. Those Egyptian geese are indeed an exotic species and occupy the niche which the native species who return in the fall and winter find filled.
    And if this place is private property, why did you write it up encouraging even more trespassers?

  2. Yes, Rivard Report, Silver Horn, SARA and friend Georgina – the Egyptian geese in the photo and article are pretty, but exotics/feral birds released that someone likely meaning well, but ignorant of wildlife management and maintenance of riparian zones for water quality. We have a problem with them around some of the small lakes in Kerrville on the Guadalupe River. They are “Super Poopers” and great grass mowers which can pollute the water in the lake and then in the Edwards Aquifer during recharge and into the San Antonio River eventually.

    Capture them and donate to a caring farmer, goose lover or zoo. Post and enforce further releases of exotics – whether feral cats or geese. Your aquifer and SAWS will appreciate the cleaner water. The native wildlife will appreciate the improved riparian habitat. And some golfers will appreciate not stepping into piles of goose crap. Thanks.

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