11 thoughts on “Bike to Work Day Organizers See Growth in Numbers of Cyclists on SA Streets

  1. It has been proven that bicycling is a dangerous mode of transportation. Why encourage others to do it? Let’s hope riders who are encouraged to participate in these events do not get hurt or killed doing so.

  2. Today’s Bike to Work Day was an opportunity for me to see if it is even possible for me to commute to work comfortably and safely from the Medical Center to the downtown area. I have been concerned about the safety of biking from my neighborhood and frustrated by the seemingly long commute from the area.
    HOWEVER, I was happily surprised.
    Taking the bus from my neighborhood was a piece of cake , safe, and comfortable. It was easy to load my bike on the bus which I rode for 40 minutes and finished off with an easy, flat 15 minute ride to my office. This event motivated me to try this at least once – and after the very positive experience I had, I will be doing this more regularly. After all, I get more time back on the bus to answer emails or read than if I drive directly to work. I think it is worthwhile for all of us to consider trying out alternative transportation at least once. You may also be surprised.

  3. Thanks, Allison! That’s it exactly! I ride the bus and bike from the area near Sea World. I find it a lot less stressful and feel good about doing my part to reduce congestion and improve air quality!

    Yes, bicycles can take a full lane!! They have the right to do so and typically do it when there isn’t a safer alternative. They’d prefer to be in their own protected bicycle lane so if you’re concerned about cyclists taking up a lane a traffic, then please support bicycle infrastructure.

    We are expecting 1.1 million more people by 2045 – some born here and others moving here. If everyone chooses to drive, congestion will be unbearable. Why not make it safe and feasible for those willing to use their pedal power to work? It’s a win-win.

  4. I live near Cody Library. I commute every day by bike to So Flores+Pruitt Street. Take Vance Jackson down to Fred Rd. road to Flores Street. bike Lande starts there to take you DT and southward. Take about 60 minutes each way. Once you get used to it. it is very enjoyable.

  5. This was a great event… the amount of Bike to Work stations seemed like so many more than last year which means more of us are biking! A city that has less cars on the roads and more active transportation is a healthy one! I was able to make it to the SWell Cycle sponsored spot on N. St. Marys as well as the Overland Partners spot. At the first I tried the new SWell Cycle E-bikes. OM-goodness. Amazingly fun to get a little e-boost up a hill. These are gonna be a hit for when I ride up to the Trinity U station. The Overland Partners outdid themselves with the waffles and I noticed the No waste and use of real plates and dishes. Classy and environmental friendly… just like biking! Friday was actually my day off but I commute to and from the library most the year and I find biking to work safe and easy in the inner corridor by taking streets with bike lanes and some quieter connecting streets. We are all able to share the road! Good work San Antonio and thanks to all the awesome people sharing food and bike advocacy. See ya on the streets!

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