29 thoughts on “Architects Design Sidewalk Pop-Up Breakfast

  1. Cool idea but let’s not forget many people use their cars to transport kids to/from school and activities. Many use their car to take elderly parents to doctor’s appointments. Others use their car for sales appointments or for work itself (eg construction, hauling, etc.).

  2. Not to mention the humidity is killer. Who wants to show up at a professional environment having ridden their bike 30 minutes in this heat?

  3. Laura is right. I’m about to walk out the door and ride my bike to work, but when I’m wearing a suit in this weather, not happening. And I’m only a ten minute ride away from work.

  4. Would love to ride to work – getting in exercise for the day, but TOO DANGEROUS because of drivers too focused on getting ahead of the driver in front – weaving in and out, speeding AND STILL USING CELL PHONES while driving.

  5. I think what people need to do if they want bike riding a norm is to quit making events and just do it…Two, psychological hurdle? San Antonio is not a bike friendly town….I mean I remember a couple of times we had to change our route in our own neighborhood because people weren’t liking that though it didn’t take us that long to ride through it … 7pm at night (hardly any traffic) they didn’t want anything to interrupt their traffic flow…LOL…or how one time i was on Broadway I followed a kid on his bike because the truck behind him kept edging behind him trying to scare him off his bike… its more than a hurdle…. People should do it more often and not on certain days or for events..when you make it mainly for just events people will say okay…I will be aware for this…rather than if it was something often, then hey… its part of the routine people just have to get over…especially for around downtown..it can be done…

  6. I ride to work from mulberry/broadway to blossom area, so it can be done. The only hurdle is if your place has a shower, which ours has 2 pretty nice ones.
    I leave clothes, all necessary shower/bathroom things at work and I’m set.
    I feel great when I get here and feel energized through the day

  7. I use to ride
    my bike all around SA as a kid.
    If you can cycle to work and be comfortable afterwards sure fine by all means do it.
    I dont think bicycling reaching the levels the Chinese were as a means of transportation will happen even in bike friendly cities. It will mostly remain a recreation.

  8. A lot of good comments. It can not be easy to ride a bike to work. It can not be easy to ride a motorcycle to work. Some drivers are distracted and have a hard time driving themselves safely much less watching out for others. I’ve almost been hit quite a few times in my Mini Cooper. Riding a bike to work can not be safe. So what can be done to make it safer?
    A business with a shower is a nice amenity. You can even get LEED points when building a new office.
    A business could have a company car that could be used during the day for bike riders to use for company business.
    My wife and I ride the greenways. The Salado Creek Greenway goes from 1604 to 410 without facing having to face traffic (other than some Strava speedster) The Salado and Leon Creek Greenways are a great way to move around SA without worrying about cars. It’s a start. There are plans for San Pedro Creek downtown and Elmondorf Lake that will make those areas bikeable.
    I have a friend that lives in the 1604/Blanco area and works at Port San Antonio. Several time a week he rides his bike to Northstar Mall and catches a bus to the south side of downtown then rides his bike the rest of the way. Combining bike and public transportation is a good option.
    If you want to ride a bike to work there are ways to do it.
    If we have a city bike to work day and it gets broadcast on TV, radio and internet that for One Day those typical distracted drivers will pay attention and see bikers, recognize them and in the future, look out for bikers. It can’t hurt.
    Safe Riding!

  9. I ride to work EVERYDAY, it’s not hard. It only takes 5 minutes of planning to pack my work clothes, lunch, and gadgets for the day. I look forward to the waffles!

  10. Biking – Good! But high carb, refined wheat Waffles smothered in syrup healthier than eggs in a breakfast taco? NOT! Sugar in any form, organic or not, is not healthier than protein.

  11. Thank you guys for the hospitality! I would love to join you. International Relations Specialist at the City of San Antonio.
    See you soon…

  12. what a great invitation! i plan to come for waffle breakfast on Sept 26th on my e-bike. Then go back up the road to Woodlawn Ave to work.

  13. Planning to be there! Just moved to SA to work more closely with the city and citizens as a bicycle advocate. Will be inviting people to come volunteer at our booth at Siclovia Sept. 28 to help educate the public about ways to get involved in making the city better for biking and walking.

  14. Breakfast bike day is one of my favorite days. I’ve done it in other cities and it helps create a sense of community among those who work in similar areas, enjoying biking, and just want to gather for breakfast together. While biking is not always an option or ideal for all people, this is one of many ways to create biking awareness and cheer!

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