15 thoughts on “Bill Nye Thinks We Should Empower Women and Stop Burning Coal

  1. So, in the name of “balanced” journalism, I expect that you will interview someone with differing opinions, right? Bill shows up as a keynote speaker for PP (not the most centrist organization, and one that advocates for ending a life to make yours better) and then he asks TX what we will do when CA doesn’t want to buy our cotton? No problem Bill, we will sell it to people that really need cotton and aren’t putting their own selfish agendas in front of the needs of people. A vast majority of the world would wish they had the luxury to decide where their food and clothes come from, but foremost, they care that they have clothes and food for their families. Bill couldn’t be more disconnected from the reality of real people trying to scratch out a living and provide food and clothes for a family. The preachy narrative has gotten very old. I especially take exception to his take on over-population…Bill suggests that having multiple children is a sign of a lack of education. Spoken like someone who has no clue what it takes to get by in the world.

    • Planned Parenthood does not advocate for ending a life to make one better. Planned Parenthood advocates for family planning, offers birth control options, educates and treats sexually transmitted diseases, offers several types of cancer screenings, and offers counseling to mostly lower income families–possibly some of the “real people trying to scratch out a living and provide food and clothes for a family.”

  2. Bill Nye lost me at the vagina dance.

    Was that also supposed to be empowering to women?

    The most Orwellian source of all: a politically motivated scientist whose scientific facts magically never waver from the party lines.

    If one party can claim absolute truth in science we are lost.

    He’s about as objective in his approach as the scientists who work for big oil or the people in lab coats exclaiming there is no known link between cigarette smoke and lung cancer.

  3. Did he really just suggest that if you are from a metro cosmopolitan area that means you have an interest in/or believe in science? As opposed to whom? Interesting, how exactly did you arrive at that conclusion Bill? Is he suggesting that people from rural areas aren’t that way? Wow what a scientific, unbiased, and non generalizing way to speak about people. Maybe he just threw that in there for the Rivard Report readers, a majority liberal urban populace.

    Wonder what he’d say to my Dad:
    -1 of 5 children
    -grew up in an area where Tyler, Texas was considered ‘the big city’
    -grandpa worked blue collar factory work
    -no one in his family had ever attended college

    -graduated with honors with a degree in chemistry from Texas A&M University, and Organic Chemistry was his favorite course.
    -now runs a company utilizing his background in science

    Generalize much Bill? What a jerk.

    • OR what would he say to my mother?

      -1 of 6 children
      -grew up in an area where Tyler, Texas was considered ‘the big city’
      -grandpa worked at a gas station
      -her mother was the only one to go to Kilgore Junior college, and that was after my mother completed college herself.

      -graduated with honors with a degree in Architecture from Texas A&M University, or ‘the useful arts’ as Bill quoted from the Constitution.

      -runs her own architecture firm for over 20 years now.

      The left should really stop generalizing everyone else. This identity politics pushes me to vote Republican.

  4. Great and thoughtful comments. BTW, as I recall Obama put buckyballs out of business. Also, there are in place incentives for female owned businesses. As a result, many local companies are run by men though their wives hold the title of president and a majority interest in order to snag city and county business. The “female requirement” results in other distortions as well.

  5. Invest in education? Are your serious? People are struggling to pay school taxes now. Is there no end to the money pit of “education”?

  6. 1. Bill Nye gave FACTS, real FACTS, based on valid scientific data compiled by non-poitical scientific organizations not just opinions.
    2. Science education is the most important education we can give our children and we adults. That education need is one of the main issues on which Bill Nye makes his presentation.
    3. In 1968 there were 3 million people on this planet. Now, there are over 7 million. It is projected that by 2050 there could be 10 million people. All of these people need food, water and energy. Do you think EARTH will be able to supply those needs? If yes, by what method?

    • You said 7 “million” people on Earth but I think you meant to say 7 “thousand.” A million is a big number.

      • It’s BILLIONS – a really, really big number – not millions, and definitely NOT thousands.
        So many unhappy men on this thread. What’s that about?
        “If one party can claim absolute truth in science we are lost.” – Seriously? That’s what science is – facts, truth – not political opinions.

          • Sometimes what you accept as the truth really is the truth, and sometimes what gets peddled to you as the truth is merely political bias parading as truth. Sometimes what was true yesterday is not true today. Some things remain true your entire life. True or not?

            Science is a pursuit of the truth. It is just that. A pursuit. Active conjecture and testing and logging and then more conjecture. Not an absolute. Truth is never absolute or we would have no need for science today — how can you ever nail down something which is in constant state of flux? If what is true were absolute, who are you to assume at our point in evolution that we know the truth absolutely? Why evolve or adapt further if what is true is always absolute? One or two lifetimes ago what was accepted as good science or by your definition of the word, ‘facts, truth’ would be considered perhaps racist and misogynistic in today’s scientific consensus.

            Have a wonderful San Antonio day, Sue!

          • Probably 7 dozen.

            Funny how desperate some of these guys are to attack him.

  7. Go Bill Nye! Love the honest truth about what we need to do as a society. Great video! Thanks RR for the posting the interview!

  8. Not a defender of science. Defender of the left wing perspective.

    Funny how quick these women are to jump on men in the comment section. Angry at men much?

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