6 thoughts on “Bird Survey on San Antonio River’s Mission Reach Turns Up 186 Species

  1. Impressive! Even more proof that urban areas can provide habitat for wildlife instead of merely displacing them. Exciting news!

  2. On a recent ride we saw a bird roughly the size of a sparrow which was black with an orange stripe across its head. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture

  3. Conducting a survey at the peak of migration only shows that certain species
    pass through the habitat. The time of such a survey shows neither that the
    out-of-range species were absent from other areas in San Antonio (e..g Bracken ridge Park or Denman Estate City Park) nor that the species found the Mission Reach habitat suitable for breeding purposes. While the count is interesting, it is not profound. The real question to me is how many different species breed in Mission Reach.

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