‘Bombarded by The Media,’ Olmos Park Pulls Proposing Gated Community

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A cyclist rides into the City of Olmos Park on McCullough Avenue.

Scott Ball / Rivard Report

A cyclist rides into the city of Olmos Park on McCullough Avenue.

Should the City of Olmos Park become a gated community?

That question will not be answered at its City Council meeting Thursday night. The discussion was pulled from the meeting's agenda Monday after at least two local media outlets requested interviews with Council members and City staff.

"She’s going to request that that agenda item be pulled. It's not going to be discussed,” said Celia DeLeon, city manager of the small enclave city within San Antonio. "She just feels that we've been bombarded by the media and [it] is not a good time to discuss it."

DeLeon would not name the councilwoman who wanted the gated community discussion to be included in the agenda. Neither Juliana Dusek nor Sharon Plant, the two women who sit on the six-member Council, responded to repeated requests for comment prior to publication.

Shortly after publication, Plant told the Rivard Report via email she did not request the item be placed on the agenda.

Preliminary responses to the idea on the neighborhood networking site Nextdoor strongly opposed the city becoming a gated community, presumably one that would require residents and visitors to check in upon entry.

The population of Olmos Park was 2,418, according to the United States Census Bureau's count in 2016. The median household income for residents of Olmos Park, according to city-data.com, is $127,624. The Census' American Community Survey reported the median household income in San Antonio was $49,268 in 2016.

DeLeon said the decision to pull the item came after she spoke with the sponsoring councilwoman, adding that she does not know if it will come up again at a future meeting.

Surrounded by San Antonio and Bexar County, Olmos Park is one of seven municipalities located inside the San Antonio city limits. It sits north of Trinity University and west of Olmos Basin Park and Alamo Heights.

Olmos Park City Council's monthly meeting is scheduled for Mar. 15 at 6 p.m. and will take place inside in Council Chambers at City Hall, 120 W El Prado Dr.

10 thoughts on “‘Bombarded by The Media,’ Olmos Park Pulls Proposing Gated Community

  1. If it became a gated community, wouldn’t McCullough be closed off? That would re-route the buses that take the maids there and back home each day. And do you think all the businesses on McCullough would survive being inside a gated community? They couldn’t live off the business of the 2500 local residents, and for people from San Antonio and Alamo Heights, it would become too big a hassle to go through gates to get to them. Relocations would probably start before the gates even could be put up. Somebody hasn’t thought through the consequences of this idea, or it never would have been proposed.

    • I don’t live in Olmos Park and think this is a laughable idea, but I imagine the concept would be for McCullough would have to stay open, as well as the part of Olmos that runs from the circle to San Pedro, probably east on Olmos as well (by what used to be Ciao Lavanderia and Bistro Vatel). I picture 4 gated islands.

  2. Besides, If Olmos Park put up gates, they’d have to raise their taxes due to the lack of income from speeding tickets on McCullough Ave from people going 31 in a 30 mph zone.

  3. Do people still go thru olmos park?? Why? It seems like the only person wanting gates was some woman with a condo to get her ‘value’ up. She should have bought in alamo heights.

  4. How many borders do we need people? This is getting ridiculous!
    I live in Olmos Park, and that’s just dumb. I do live across Olmos Drive in the more “regular, less affluent” section. lol. I guess we’d be given to San Antonio when the time comes. I’d love to have city compost, and vote in San Antonio elections, so bring it on.

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