2 thoughts on “Bond Committee Votes to Fund Hardberger, Hemisfair Parks

  1. Unfortunately this story is inaccurate. The Land Bridge project at Hardberger Park was approved for funding at $5.5M not $7.5M. At the fourth (previous) meeting, the D8 committee reps, recognizing that McAllister Park needed funding, reluctantly agreed to carve $2M out of Land Bridge funding to go to McAllister Park. Cutting by $2M puts the project right at the critical edge–the Streets committee must fund the full $7.5M or the Land Bridge project will be doomed and the $10M in leveraged funding will evaporate. If anyone knows anyone on the Streets committee, please urge them to fully fund the Streets portion of the Land Bridge at $7.5M.

    • Apologies, mrk. These long bond meetings seem to all blend together. When I spoke with City staff they said both were fully funded — they and I forgot about the previous funding shift.

      I’ve updated the story and added the correction. Thanks!

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