7 thoughts on “Border Crisis Prompts Prayer Vigil, Noisy Demonstration in San Antonio

    • Ann was not there for the city; in her private life Ann is involved with the Peace Center and it was that hat she was wearing Sunday night…if you were there she not only never mentioned the city, but when she went to the mic she did not deliberately give her last name…she just said my name is Ann and then she gave her reflection which set a nice prayerful tone.

  1. Storm the Bastile. Remove the infidels. Restore law and order to a world turned upside down by a draft dodger and mysoginist in Washington supported by religious hypocrites.

  2. The whole purpose of a border wall and border security is to not only make sure that no one crosses the border ILLEGALLY (people forget that term ILLEGALLY) but that no drugs or gangs can get through. People who think that we need open borders are nuts. We’re trying to keep the drugs and the gangs at bay at the southern border. If you want to come in LEGALLY and ask for amnesty, go into one of the many ports of entry. There you won’t be separated from your family. Simple. Plus this wasn’t a rule that Trump came up with. Separating kids from their parents while the parents were caught crossing the border ILLEGALLY was part of the Flores settlement of 1997 where they claimed that having kids imprisoned with their parents and other adults in a jail cell while waiting for their court proceedings were deemed inhumane so it was decided that kids should be placed in “less secured” holding spots according to their age group or needs. Bill didn’t do anything, nor did Bush or Obama. Obama had the presidency and the democrats had control of the house and senate from 2009-2011 and did NOTHING. Trump is just enforcing the law and this Flores settlement and all of a sudden people on the left are losing it. The current democrats in Congress didn’t want to get together with the republicans to come up with a law to not separate kids from parents so Trump had to sign an executive order to fix this problem to make everyone happy and yet people still protest. I’m sorry that this is turning more into a rant than facts. Everyone says the cliche saying “if we have no border than we have no country” and I agree with it. If we don’t enforce the law and just welcome everyone without knowing who they are or what they’re intentions are or what their criminal background is then us American citizens are going to be overrun. There is LAW and ORDER for a reason.

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