3 thoughts on “Brackenridge Park to Gather Community Input through ‘Event-Based Master Planning’

  1. This is such unbelievable rubbish. The community spoke, and spoke loudly, about their disapproval towards the plans that the city had for the park– these events are nothing but a sham. They’re held at weird times that will be inconvenient for working class people and are coercively forcing their plans under the guise of cutesy community activities. The city is becoming more violent by the day, homelessness is swelling, wages are stagnant, and yet the city wants to spend time in Breckenridge when there are so many parks that need improving in low-income neighborhoods. We do not need to continue gentrifying the Broadway area. This is shameful.

    • The City is investing in the place where it’ll make the most difference: along major arteries or rays that spread out from downtown. The River corridor is the most bang-for-buck investment the City can make because it’s already the best. Brackenridge is at the northern end of millions and millions of investment in that corridor. And there are about a dozen institutions ranged about Brackenridge that will benefit directly from its re-development and re-invention as something other other than, at best, a place to camp and litter, and, at worst, a place to get high or sleep while not out panhandling.

      Putting out new sod or planting new trees that will die or installing new equipment that will get spraypainted on isn’t an investment. That’s throwing good money after bad. If you live in one of these blighted areas and have a park, create a Friends of the Park Association and start having work days and raising money to fix it. Get the community involved. That effort, eventually, will change the culture around that park to where, maybe, the City can do something nice with them.

      Anyway, these events at Brack are necessary to re-orient people’s perceptions about Brackenridge. It’s already got great park “bones,” and it’s going to be awesome when it’s fully fleshed out. People are still going to camp or BBQ there in the future and you’re delusional if you think that’s ever going away—it’ll be a nicer venue to do that stuff in. And maybe it’ll be so nice they’ll feel worse about leaving garbage everywhere to where they actually pick up after themselves. Win/win!

  2. “Among the items taken out of the plan due to [LIMITED] community feedback were [MANY OF THE BEST ITEMS LIKE] trams that would transport people to and from different areas of the park, reduced surface parking [THAT WOULD MAKE THE PARK VASTLY MORE USABLE AND BEAUTIFUL, and the closure of several roads that lead in and out of the park.”

    We had the opportunity for a park on par with Central, Grant, etc. and we are left with the same crappy parking lot for a park. Brack is a dump and it could have been the cornerstone of transformation, but a minority of citizens (those that attend meetings to complain) killed it. The majority that live around and frequent the park fully supported the plan.

    Thanks San Antonio.

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