17 thoughts on “Confusing Verdict Reached in Hays Street Bridge Trial

  1. my husband and I are new to SA and were considering buying our first home downtown, mainly because I felt there was a lot of potential and preserved beauty. But after being here for the past year and half and I have realized that change does not come easily in this city. Every project is argued to death. I love nature as much as the next person, but lets be honest this city is not lacking in parks. Which appear to sit mostly empty (it’s 100 degrees outside) while kids sit idly at home with an ipad. Hopefully something can be worked out that would satisfy both parties.

  2. The bridge is lovely, but the train tracks underneath have never seemed like a park to me…keep up the good work Eugene and create the destination!

  3. That bridge has one of the best sunset views of the city open to the public. It’s great for watching fireworks on New Years. Suspended in the air it has this amazing breeze.. almost feels like when you’re walking next to the ocean. It’s not the same as the other parks.

  4. Just continuing to clarify… Hays Street Bridge is in no way compromised as a public space by Simor’s Alamo Brewery development. Never has been.

  5. I just want to thank you all for the positive comments about the brewery. Team ALAMO Beer has worked very hard and the brewery, beer hall, and beer garden will be opening later this year. We plan to have some eats as well provided by our food truck friends. Stay tuned for exact details.

    The restaurant and retail part of the overall development continues to be delayed by the frivolous law suit. Perhaps the good judge will provide some good news with additional bench ruling on Monday.

  6. The Brewery will only be enhanced by adjacent green open space. The bridge needs breathing room. Think of the Alamo and how much better that landmark would be had it not been hemmed in.
    The HSB Restoration group has never taken an official position against the brewery. They are defenders and preservers of the bridge, which would have been dismantled without their perseverance and vision.

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