40 thoughts on “Brian Dillard: Moving Forward with Mayor Taylor

  1. Thank you for this breath of fresh air in the midst of all the political mud-slinging. I hope that more people vote with this level of common sense.

  2. You Rivard people really will publish anything anyone writes.

    Perhaps Pepper the Yorkie will type up an endorsement as well.

    I, for one, would relish learning Pepper’s thoughts regarding the next mayor of San Antonio.

    • No better proof, Pink Flamingo, than our publication of your least offensive comments offered from the shadow under your anonymous rock. They typically come with a little light, but far more vitriol and, usually, intolerance of other viewpoints. -RR

    • Pepper says thanks for considering her thoughts on the matter, but she doesn’t have the thumbs required to hit the space bar…thereforethearticlewouldlooklikethis. #RuffCrowd

  3. These list s of accomplishments are mere examples of coat tail riding what Castro set in place. Hell, her campaign might as well add the Hemisfair redesign to their list of laurels. No vote from me, nothing she does can make me forget her initial stance on NDO.

    • It seems unfair to suggest that the Mayor has spent enough time in office for us to know that under her leadership we have regressed as a city while simultaneously looking at a list of achievements over the past year and giving all of the credit to the Castro administration.

      Why can’t we give any of the credit to the Mayor? Or, to flip it, why is it fair to credit Mayor Castro with all of the positive achievements while assigning every negative to Mayor Taylor.

      I would add one question and one statement

      Will you do the same thing if Leticia wins? Will you give Mayor Taylor credit for any accomplishments Leticia might accrue over the next calendar year? If not, why?

      Mayor Castro did a lot of good for this city but he also kicked a lot of cans down the road for someone else to pick up. He would have had to deal with certain issues currently facing the city had he remained Mayor.

  4. I wonder how much Pepper’s owner was paid to write this last minute propaganda piece.
    If Taylor is really “all that” why are her fellow East Side leaders endorsing Van de Putte?

  5. Since she helped to secure a $3.4 billion pipeline to transport water 142miles to our city, I know she and the rest of City Council will make the right decision to VOTE NO Selling our water to Niagara Water Bottling company. Sign the petition and share!

  6. Brian, thank you for this article. I hope you know how much I respect you and your opinion. After much reflection, I decided to vote for LVP, based on my perception of her position on non-discrimination and equality. Your article makes a compelling argument for Mayor Taylor, but I just couldn’t get past the NDO thing. I look forward to continued progress in the area of equality, as well as the other areas you wrote about, no matter who eventually wins this race.

    • Hey Danny,

      (Disclaimer, I contract in Mayor Taylor’s office)

      The Mayor’s Chief of Policy requested the City’s Attorney’s opinion on this issue earlier in the week and it was found that the City Attorney’s office already issued a statement on this in the 1980’s when it came up with a different council member. The Attorney’s office found that no conflict of interest exists.


  7. She will toughly negotiate when it comes to the Police/Firefighter Union Contract. The Union is trying to defeat Taylor because they know she is will not give away the future of SA. The are spending Union dues on expensive propaganda advertising. If they can afford that, why do they need to hijack the City? To raise advertising money for the next election ?

  8. I’m disappointed to see this endorsement for Ivy Taylor. Her negative campaign mailers have angered me, especially the way she turns some of Sen. Van De Putte’s greatest moments into disparaging complaints. For example, charging that Letitia abandoned her constituents back in 2003 when she and all but one Democrat in the House left the state to forestall a vote on redistricting. Far from abandoning her constituents, she was fighting for us and acting at her own expense and risk of arrest. She is one of our heroes and will remain so. Reminding everyone that she’s a Democrat is probably Taylor’s aim; I understand that Conservatives are voting for her. But long-time San Antonio residents should appreciate Sen. Van De Putte’s lifetime of loving this city and working for all of its citizens.

    • “Lied” is a strong word and not necessarily accurate. Both candidates said at one time they were not running for mayor, and both changed their minds. You can judge them accordingly, but “lied” suggests they knowingly prevaricated and no one has demonstrated any evidence of that. RR

  9. Full Disclosure: Isn’t the author of this article engaged to somebody that works on Ivy Taylor’s staff? I really wish there was less conflicts of interest with the Rivard Report. First example, endorsing a candidate after you moderated a forum. Secondly, this article is an example as to why the Rivard report can’t be taken seriously.

    • Chris
      There is nothing unethical or wrong with my personal endorsement of a candidate after I moderated a forum. Second, we heard earlier this evening of the writer’s fiancee having previously worked for Ivy Taylor and have asked for and received a disclosure statement from the author that we posted. I am confident that we act ethically and with transparency. –RR

      • The fact that the author didn’t see the need to disclose that in the original article and apparently never mentioned it to the Rivard Report when he was approached/offered to write the endorsement is pretty gross though.

        • Thank you for calling this to my attention. It’s a tough balance being in a relationship with someone who works in the political realm. When I met Francesca, it was at a school board meeting at my alma mater where I was calling out my own community for not supporting the improvement of our local public school system. I’ve had to hold my tongue on some things while she worked for Ivy simply because I didn’t want it to be perceived in the wrong manner. Francesca is working elsewhere now, so I felt a bit of liberty to write out my thoughts on the matter. This isn’t a hidden matter in my community, and it isn’t some kind of ‘conspiracy’. I have worked with Ivy in the past on issues without the assistance of Francesca, and I plan to continue to work with Ivy after she is elected. If anyone questions my knowledge or experience regarding these topics, I am happy to meet up (without Francesca) to assure you that I can hold my own. 😉 Thanks again!

  10. Yeah right. She’s was at a panel on employment & only did the typical line of let’s keep talking. I need a mayor with a back bone, not talking points. She’s doing everything to alienate generation iY & stop them from staying in San Antonio because cities like Austin are more accepting. We are educating then exporting talent. Why not do things to keep them here? On the topic of employment, she voted no to the NDO. I think basic discrimination on yourself simply for the gender of whom you love is ridiculous.

  11. Fiscal leadership? She just forced out uber & lyft. Some people did that part time to increase disposable income. Also, they increased public safety by giving people cheaper options for when the were going to be consuming alcohol. All she’s done now is increased the likely hood of recidivism, keeping the jail full, and keeping the opportunity to reap financial benefits from this by owning a bail bonds. Let’s not forget to mention she also supposedly supports the My Brother’s Keeper initiative which seeks to reduce violence & recidivism among boys & men of color. Ironically, majority of whom are represented in her former district, in this city, & in jails & prisons around the county. She’s got great fiscal policy alright… That’s looking for her own interest.

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