Brockhouse, Wife Say She Called Police to Home in 2009

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Annalisa and Greg Brockhouse discuss the details of the events that took place at their home in 2009 that led to her calling the police.

Scott Ball / Rivard Report

Annalisa and Greg Brockhouse discuss the details of the events that took place at their home in 2009 that led to her calling the police.

After months of calling a police report of a domestic violence incident “false,” former Councilman Greg Brockhouse and his wife, Annalisa, revealed this week that the police were indeed called to their home on Dec. 23, 2009, but said the incident that occurred was not as it was described in the report.

The police report, which was published by a local newspaper but no longer exists in police records, stated that Brockhouse “screamed at [her] to leave him alone and when [she] wouldn’t leave [him] alone, [he] grabbed [her] and threw [her] on the ground and got on top of her. [She] said that [he] was trying to hit her and she kept trying to push him off.”

But Annalisa Brockhouse contradicted the report in an interview with the Rivard Report on Tuesday, saying she called the police to report an argument between her and her husband after he had left their home. She said she was battling postpartum depression at the time, shortly after the birth of the couple’s son. Until now, neither she nor her husband has acknowledged an incident involving the police occurred that night.

Asked if she ever told police that her husband physically abused her as the report indicated, Annalisa Brockhouse answered, “no.”

“It’s important to me that people know the truth about Greg, who he has been to me and most importantly what he’s never been to me,” she said. At her direction, she said, she and her husband hired an attorney to have the report expunged in 2011.

The 2009 report, obtained by the San Antonio Express-News, became a flashpoint in the recent runoff election between Brockhouse and Mayor Ron Nirenberg. The incumbent mayor won reelection by 2 percentage points. Nirenberg’s campaign and his supporters used the incident, combined with another police report – this one from 2006 – about an incident involving an ex-wife, to claim Brockhouse had a “pattern” of domestic abuse.

No charges were filed in either incident.

Asked why they waited until after the election to discuss the police report, the couple said they disagreed about that.

She wanted to clear the air right away, she said, but he didn’t want her to have to relive that traumatic period, nearly a year, of her life during an already tough election.

“My wife’s dignity in that moment [throughout the campaign and election] was more important” than telling the whole truth about that night, Greg Brockhouse said. “I guess it will be hard for people to understand that.”

Now that the election is over, she said, “there’s no [hidden] objective here. There’s nothing to gain, there’s nothing to lose by me telling my story, the truth of what happened between my husband and I.”

The argument began over which one of them had forgotten to refrigerate milk for their son and “was blown up into something that got out of control quickly,” she said. However, “it never got physical.”

The councilman’s wife said she was angry at him for leaving their home that night, so she called the police in an emotional state.

Their son Luke was born in February 2009. She returned to work as a special education teacher just six weeks after giving birth.

“As soon as I got back to work I was struggling,” she said, “struggling professionally, struggling at home. It wasn’t ok. I was not ok.”

Within four months of giving birth, she said, she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and opted for counseling instead of medication so she could continue to breastfeed. In December, her father had a heart attack and her symptoms associated with an autoimmune disease were triggered by the stress, she said.

“It didn’t matter what Greg said, there was nothing that was going to make the situation right,” she said, remembering her frame of mind that night. “I’m standing in the middle of all of this going on, [I was] so far removed from emotion [and] the decision-making process … action and consequence.”

She said she feels guilty for calling the police that night because he was right to leave.

“That’s what our counselor said to do” when arguments get too intense, she said. “I was still angry.”

Marsha Cuellar, who has been friends with Annalisa Brockhouse for more than 20 years, said she saw how she struggled with depression.

“I know they were in counseling and worked hard to survive the challenges [of] postpartum and I know exactly how Greg was during all that,” Cuellar said. “I have never seen nor heard any of the ugly things said about Greg ever happen. It didn’t. … She is the last woman to put up with that type of behavior.”

For his part, Brockhouse said he didn’t want his wife’s personal life and medical health to be put under the microscope of an election, even at the cost of his perceived credibility with voters.

“I made a real conscious decision to not expose my wife and my family to get votes,” Brockhouse said. “I don’t think anybody deserved that piece of her heart.” 

When asked about the 2009 police report at some of the numerous forums, media interviews, and debates leading up to the May election, Brockhouse chose his words carefully. Because the report was expunged, he and his wife are allowed to deny it existed or the event ever happened, according to state law, as are public and private entities involved with the removal of related records.

During public events, he repeatedly said the report was “false” and denied ever hitting his wife or his ex-wife. He never said the 2009 report was fabricated, but knew others were saying it and implied that Nirenberg’s campaign had something to do with its existence.

Greg Brockhouse

Bonnie Arbittier / Rivard Report

Greg Brockhouse responds to questions during a mayoral forum at Travis Park Church in May.

“We didn’t lie about anything,” Brockhouse said Tuesday, adding that it was “100 percent within my purview” not to divulge the full accounting of what happened that night.

During a candidate forum the Rivard Report co-hosted ahead of the runoff, he was asked him if “he or anyone he knew” had the report expunged.

He said he didn’t hear the “anyone he knew” part over the noisy crowd that night.

Brockhouse continues to maintain that some erroneous details in the report call into question the narrative of that night as described in the report.

“That thing is full of inaccuracies,” he said, noting the incorrect physical description of him, that they were fighting because he was drunk and lost a job, and incorrect penal code usage. He was employed at the time and he says he does not drink.

“I don’t really know what to do about that,” he said. During the campaign, he didn’t investigate it deeply because “to me, it wasn’t worthy of being in the conversation. It’s just false.”

The SAPD officer who responded to Annalisa Brockhouse’s call, Daniel Gomez, said he could not discuss the 2009 report or incident. A spokesman for the San Antonio Police Department said he could not comment on the matter.

Gomez reported the incident to the Department of Public Safety, which has a less-detailed record that indicates a “simple assault” and “intimidation” occurred at the Brockhouses’ address.

Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, declined to comment on the report because “the alleged police report has not been authenticated as real.”

Helle questioned the legality of whoever shared the unverified, expunged document with the Express-News.

The Express-News did not obtain the report through an open records request, according to its coverage.

The Brockhouses’ new account of that night in 2009 seems to raise more questions than it answers, said Kelton Morgan, Nirenberg’s campaign advisor.

“He’s now admitting that the police were actually called to his house and they are impugning the integrity of a San Antonio police officer for reasons that remain unclear,” Morgan said. 

Morgan speculated that Brockhouse is angling to run for mayor, or another elected office, again.

“He’s trying to put this to bed now so that two years from now he can say, ‘Why are we still talking about this?’” Morgan said.

For now, Greg Brockhouse said, he’s done with running for office.

He said he will “get back into the business world,” specifically mortgage lending, some possible partnerships on various companies, and political consulting. He also plans on starting a podcast to “continue the conversation” started during his campaign.

Brockhouse and his wife don’t expect people who already don’t like him to be convinced by their story, they said.

“I don’t think it even has anything to do with [the facts of] this incident as much as it has to do with a like or dislike for Greg,” she said. “This is more for me to finally tell the truth about the situation.”

36 thoughts on “Brockhouse, Wife Say She Called Police to Home in 2009

  1. This is bordering on tabloidal. Brockhouse and his wife were both clearly lying and I’m sure the real story is pretty terrible. But so are our own stories. Kinda trashy all around. If you were assigned to report on this, I’m sorry. But if you used your own judgment to report on this, I’m equally sorry for people that read to the end for the salacious details on the abysmally depressing private life of ordinary people. And yay! for Ron Nirenberg.

  2. Something happened and it certainly looks as though this is an attempt to redirect in order to angle for another run for Mayor, or other office. Do we not have enough problems with abuse of women and child abuse now in our town?

    • As he stated in the interview, look out RR, RN and the EN exploited everything else. Imagine what they would have done to her. Dirty politics.

      • If anything, telling the “truth” would have helped his campaign. Postpartum depression is a big deal and empathy for this form of depression is very high. Suggesting RR would have attacked her or him for her postpartum depression is rather ridiculous. I can’t even imagine a scenario where this might play out in reality.

  3. I always will believe this was a smear campaign run by Ron and all his establishment friends to win at any cost. Let’s not forget that in addition to smear campaign Brockhouse campaign signs were regularly torned down, stolen, or damaged. They could care less that the city is more divided then every. They could care less that important discussions on community and city issues were never started because it was more important to attack Greg Brockhouse and his wife, then to run a decent campaign.

    • “I always will believe this was a smear campaign run by Ron…”

      The rest of it may, or may not be true, but not even a reference that your guy ADMITTED IT? wow…

  4. So they lied during the campaign- good thing he was not elected, otherwise San Antone would have its own Trump!

  5. The city code expresses that if an official (including the mayor) publicly mentions the expunged situation that (s)he could be charged with a misdemeanor. When is RN going to be charged? RN claims to be the mayor for everyone, but as a woman who did suffer from postpartum, when RN exploited that situation, how can he fairly represent us?

      • Typical of RR, my first comment didn’t go through.

        You are absolutely right, Gerry. It’s Texas State Code Chapter 55 states it.

        • You might want to re-read the code, RC.

          “A person who acquires knowledge of an arrest while an officer or employee of the state or of any agency or other entity of the state or any political subdivision of the state and who knows of an order expunging the records and files relating to that arrest commits an offense if he knowingly releases, disseminates, or otherwise uses the records or files.”

          Once the expunction was in the public domain (after the press, doing their due diligence on someone who wanted to be the chief executive of our city, discovered it), then the Mayor was perfectly entitled to refer to it.

  6. “became a flashpoint”, very clever Iris. Brockhouse backed by fire unions, so let’s play with fire science terminology.

    Should have gone with “fire point” though.

    Flash point does create a flame, however it doesn’t sustain combustion as with fire point. Temperature was high enough already with a not too rich or lean combination of fuel only lacking a slight concentration of Oxygen. All you had to do was lightly fan an idea of domestic abuse, and a self sustaining chemical reaction in the form of an outrage mob did the rest. This wasn’t incidental, but an act of political arson.

    I downloaded RR articles mentioning Brockhouse for the past 18 months and created a scale of positive vs negative coverage on y axis and time on x. I did the same thing for articles mentioning Nirenberg. What appears are opposing sine wave graphs. Frequency of positive/neutral coverage for Brockhouse plummeted during local election seasons over the past 18 months. For Ron Nirenberg, positive coverage peaked over the same periods. While Nirenberg was described a “man of the people”, Brockhouse was always the “populist”.

    Over the past 18 months there were 92 articles and commentaries published on this website mentioning Brockhouse in a negative light with increasing frequency as people casted their votes.

    If votes were matches in the peoples hands, you built the metaphorical pyre with your continuous slanted coverage and set Greg on it, then just blew a slight breeze of any old damaging rumor. Brilliant work!

    • Gotta love folks that call facts, rumors—and stating the truth, slant when it doesn’t benefit their candidate. Brockhouse is a proven liar…and a serial domestic abuser–that’s clear. If the media was lacking in any way, it was not pressing him on how he resolved years of not paying child support….So, in addition to his wife-beating tendencies, he’s also a deadbeat dad. San Antonio dodged a bullet with his loss. He says he’s going to stay out of politics now. Let’s hope he’s not lying…again.

  7. If I can’t trust Brockhouse with the little things, how can we trust him with the important things? Parsing words, blaming others, and telling lies by omission is the kind of leadership we get at the White House. It’s not the kind of leadership we need My sincere hope is that Brockhouse rides off into the sunset and let’s this city heal from his populist mudslinging. The man is not civil. He’s not kind. He’s not truthful. He’s also not that smart. We’re all better off without him.

    Also, let’s not forget that this clown ran to the DA insisting that the mayor and city council be investigated and prosecuted for committing the high crime of talking about the GOP convention behind closed doors. But, when it comes to a forged police report and a conspiracy to use a forged document to affect the outcome of an election he is completely silent. Think about that. That dude is the text book definition of slime.

  8. Wait, the incident did happen? It wasn’t fabricated? So he lied about it?

    So glad we do not have this person representing us as Mayor.

  9. Not even worth commenting on this article after reading what hatred your readers have towards Mr. Brockhouse. The outrage should be at RN campaign, RR, and EN for going to dirty politics, and not discussing the issues. Its a shame we have people in this city who presume the other is already guilty before getting all the facts!!! You all are no different that the Dem’s in D.C.

    • That is a hilarious statement. Apparently it is not important for the citizens of San Antonio to know that their possible future mayor has twice been accused by spouses of domestic violence. Apparently you are ok, with the leaders of this city deciding what they think should be important to voters, rather than letting voters or the public make the decisions with all the facts.

      As to the Dem’s in DC, I guess you are a GOP then. I am sure you never let the facts get in your way when telling the your truth : )

      • But if the shoe were on the other foot this would of not been an issue. To me all that mattered was the failed accomplishments of this Mayor, but since he could not run on the issues he went DIRTY, and now where is all the talk about DV? I am a conservative AND PROUD OF IT!

    • David, any outrage is directed at Greg himself. He lied when asked about it. He refused to allow his wife to speak her mind about it. He acted like it didn’t happen. He blamed everyone else about it. This is not about RN campaign, or RR, or EN. This is about GREG. Greg’s lies. Lies to our face.

      • You seriously believe that if they would of said this at the beginning all would of been forgotten? I doubt that its, bad enough they didn’t believe her, and it would of been worse. I am with Greg on this one this didn’t have to be public it was a private issue, and I would of done the same to protect my wife. So glad he stuck with the issues, and didn’t get dirty like the Mayor! He’s more a man than RN!

  10. I watched the television interview and Greg continues to give misleading statements that don’t make sense. He says he wanted to protect his wife by NOT allowing her to discuss the context of the police call that day, even though, his wife CONTINUALLY insisted that she wanted to tell the truth about it. Why didn’t he drop out of the race then? Greg says it wasn’t worth the votes to talk about what happened in public. Why didn’t he drop out of the race then? The incident happened 8, no – 9, no – 10 years ago. Which was it? 8, 9, or 10? He has no concept of what is a lie and what is not a lie. Greg said that he couldn’t believe that he and his wife were sitting for the TV interview at all. He was ‘stunned’ that they were there discussing it in public. But, then in the next breath he says that they have nothing to lose now by talking about it. Which is it? Does he WANT to support his wife’s choice to talk about it, or is he still AGAINST it and ‘stunned’ that he has to sit there and hear his wife give the details and contact that she has wanted to give for MONTHS but wasn’t allowed to by HIM? Greg’s wife actually apologizes to HIM a couple times in the interview. “I’m sorry” she says. Greg blames everyone else for the damage this has caused. The only one he doesn’t blame is HIMSELF. Watch the interview. Watch him. He acts like he is some kind of sports coach claiming he is a winner…he’s the best person….the most faithful…the most honest…the one who didn’t stoop low in a dirty political race. He is the one attacked. He is the one “lied” about. I don’t believe anything this man says. His wife, I do believe.

  11. Brockhouse and his wife need to take a seat. Neither of them is a public figure so there is absolutely no reason for them to still be talking.

  12. The silver lining to this whole story is that his effort to expunge didn’t work. I say it’s a silver lining because of this guy ever runs for office again he won’t be able to hide the facts about his history with women from the voters. Also, the poor cop who answered the 911 call and filed the report will no longer have to endure being implicated in Brockhouse’s forgery fantasy story. That was what bothered me the most. Brockhouse spent many months throwing a poor cop under the bus and implying that the officer was part of a shadowy conspiracy to defeat Brockhouse. Brockhouse owes that cop an apology.

  13. If he truly wanted to protect his wife he would not have run in the first place. They knew all along that this would be a point of contention yet he ran.

  14. No matter how many times Brockhouse tries he tells a different story. So many holes in each story, nothing matches, just a mess.
    Henry Flores

  15. Thanks for reporting on the interview. I’m just glad my gut feeling about GB lying that the report never existed was confirmed and I voted correctly.

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