6 thoughts on “Brooks City Base Breaks Ground on 43-Acre Park: The Greenline

  1. My question is? How are they going to connect to San Antonio River when S. Presa Street runs in between the park and river……

  2. The new park will become run down in a little under two months. That is a terrible location. I know, because I have lived right here on the south side for 28 years and nothing has changed. You say, oh , but it’s different now…wroooong. It’s only a matter of time it becomes a tagged up, run down park. And you wonder why the south side of San Antonio has nothing like the N.E. side or N.W. side does. There is no law enforcement that exists over here. Nothing. We have only training academies.

    • I worked at Brooks AFB back in the 1980’s and 90’s before it became a “city base”. It had pristine landscaping, well maintained buildings, and you felt safe and secure walking or biking on base at night. A few days ago, I drove through the old base and saw tagging, trash, unkempt lawns, and it basically looked run down. I’m hoping that the City will get off it’s duff and start taking care of areas like this on the Southside, but I doubt it as the city managers has either fired or reassigned yard and street maintenance crews that used to take care of city property. The streets on the City Base are in horrible condition and the old base park needs all the trees trimmed and manicured. The pavilions at the old park will most likely need to be torn down as they are in disrepair and it looks as though one of them may have burned.

  3. I’m excited that somethings like that will be a reality and contrary of negativity I believe we deserve and we will take good care of this park becouse just the joy of a beautiful park we will treated with love

  4. Why are people in comments always so darn negative? I am a born and raised Southsider and moved away to San Francisco for years. I am now back on the Southside of San Antonio and living right here at the amazing Brooks City base!

    The Greenline park is going to be above and beyond expectations of many here in this City. I only see great things continue to happen thanks to the leadership of Rebecca V. and Leo Gomez. I am proud to also be moving into the Kennedy next month! Keep up the great work of building up the Southside!

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