5 thoughts on “Bulldozing the Last Texas Frontier

  1. There’s already a 48″ pipeline that’s been carrying natural gas from Texas into Mexico since December 2014, crossing the Rio Grande River at Rio Grande City (NET Midstream’s NET Mexico pipeline). Then there’s the NET Midstream’s NET Mexico pipeline in west Texas. Phase 1 was completed March 2016. Also in west Texas, the Comanche Trail Pipeline is scheduled for completion in January 2017 and the Trans-Pecos Pipeline in March 2017. Next up is Nueva Era Pipeline System that will cross the Rio Grande River in Webb County, TX, scheduled to become operational in July 2017. And then there’s the Valley Crossing Pipeline scheduled to become operational in October 2018, crossing into Mexico around Brownsville, TX. See “It Takes Two – Supplying Mexico’s Growing Natural Gas Demand, Part 2,” Sheetal Nasta, 10-25-2016, RBN Energy LLC, https://rbnenergy.com/it-takes-two-supplying-mexicos-growing-natural-gas-demand-part-2

    In addition, three LNG export companies are seeking FERC permission to build and operate at the Port of Brownsville (next door to South Padre Island, TX) and a new manufacturing operation at Port Corpus Christi plans to use as much natural gas annual as the whole country of Australia uses. See saveRGVfromLNG on Facebook and “Voestalpine opening marks beginning of new manufacturing boom in South Texas [Port Corpus Christi],” Sergio Chapa, San Antonio Business News, 10-26-2016, http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/news/2016/10/26/voestalpine-opening-marks-beginning-of-new.html

    What more could fracker fans want? And the rest of us? Time to locate Planet B and start building the spaceships we’ll need to get there.

    • I appreciate your response though I support pipeline infrastructure as new pipe helps with competition and avoids monopolies and single points of failure. Glad there are people like you that have researched past headlines.

    • Competition looks more like wind farms and solar panels. Germany is already running trains on hydrogen. Sweden, way up north there is now 100% sustainable with out coal or oil. Australia is building an entire city that runs on sustainables. What is wrong with us?

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