6 thoughts on “By The Numbers: Nirenberg ‘Swept Up’ North, West Side Votes

  1. Ivy lost my support by not supporting or engaging the lgbtq community and by forgetting that not everyone shares her religious views or is comfortable injecting religion into politics the way she did

    • She never had my support because of exactly those two issues. Her moral and ethical failings became clearer and clearer the longer she stayed in the mayor’s office. The barge contract issue is just one example of her shady and unethical dealings. I’m glad San Antonio is seeing the back of her. I’m very hopeful about Mayor Nirenberg and this Council.

  2. The religious voters of the East Side turned on Taylor the moment she made her “broken people” statement. I was chatting with a fellow parishioner right before walking into my church on the East Side and was given advice these she was not a strong candidate, she embarrassed the community, and needed to be voted out.

  3. Remember that time Christian Archer lost the last several races he managed? With candidates that had higher name ID? Remember that time that most of the things that political hack offers up is wrong? Remember the time his bond committee hated working for him? Christian Archer is the definition of the campaign consultant cottage industry. Not very successful, likes to bloviate, says really obvious things (BLOCK WALK MORE, MAIL THINGS, NORTHSIDE), and rides the coattails of candidates that would probably win without him (Bond campaign, Phil Hardberger, Julian Castro). GO AWAY, DUDE!

    The City you deserve is a city in which we have more than 3 campaign consultants and you can actually reach out to people other than Christian Archer for a political opinion……..

  4. Two words. Ground game. Nirenberg was able to deliver relevant messages to voters face-to-face, one-by-one either by himself or passionate supporters. Check out the new voters in the run-off election especially on the South Side and even some on the North Side, as well as the shifts from other candidates to Nirenberg all over the city.

  5. Fact: Mayor Taylor only block walked like 2 times and she used paid crews. One of the guys who knocked on my door wearing her shirt told me he was voting for Medina but needed to get paid.

    I live in D9 and I voted for Ron because I know he supports our President. Not like the Mayor. She got mad at our officers for exercising their first amendment rights!

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