9 thoughts on “Carri Baker Wells: Collaboration Will Make Van de Putte a Great Mayor

  1. Thank you Carri Baker Wells- we need leadership and hopefully this encourages the Mike supporters to vote for LVP because we need their help to win.
    It’s for SA, for police and fire negotiations, for cultural development and protection, for basic human rights and protections in the work place, and overall strong leadership.

  2. Strong points from a local Women leader who has deep knowledge and insight about San Antonio. Thank you for taking the time to write this well written piece Carri!

  3. In regards to police/fire contracts will you please explain to me the role of the mayor? This issue has come up quite a bit that either LVP or Taylor is best for the city negotiations but as I understand it both the city and the police union have head negotiators that are outside attorneys. Other than affirming the city’s position, what can a mayor actually do? San Antonio is not a strong mayor city – our council and city manager, namely the latter, preform most of the duties people associate with the mayor. What can a mayor really do and other than being committed to maintaining costs at 66% – how will LVP be better for negotiations than Taylor?

    Onto the bond: that 75% figure is relatively close to what has historically been spent, right? So other than maintaining the status quo what would good would LVP lend to the process? Taylor’s SATomorrow initiative is working to bring citizen involvement into planning much like SA2020 did. Would LVP simply continue this process or would she better it in some way? If so, how?

    Firing Sculley: no mayor, LVP or Taylor or even Castro, can “fire” the city manager. The CM is appointed by council and it would take a consensus on the council to remove the CM. What is the point of including this?

    Uber and Lyft: With the exception of Medina, every council incumbent won. It is the council that passed the measure Uber & Lyft deemed unacceptable – they mayor only had one vote like the rest of council. How would LVP change this? What more can she do than Taylor can?

    I agree on the relationship piece – there is undoubtably a wealth of connections and political power that LVP wields after 25 years in state politics. Beyond this point though this article really lends a poor case as to why to vote for LVP.

    I voted for Villarreal and I am still unsure of who to vote for in the runoff. Pieces like this have provided very little actual information and are just bland campaign talking points.

      • I’m still uncertain of who I will vote for but I am leaning towards Taylor. Her vote on the NDO is not one that I agree with and I am not a fan of how she has positioned herself as the “conservative” or “Christian” candidate but even with that I am still not sold on LVP. In the end though the NDO passed despite Taylor’s opposition and as mayor there is really nothing she can do to limit the rights of the LGBTQ community. I doubt her opinion on the subject has changed any since her vote but I rest assured in her incapacity to act upon that opinion.

        Both candidates, in my opinion, have done a poor job of espousing any particular vision for the city throughout their campaigns. This is what keeps me at an impasse. That said, I am a fan of Taylor’s SATomorrow initiative and have been impressed through my interactions with it. Her education in city and regional planning is a big reason why I am leaning towards voting for her. I see SATX and the larger central Texas region it is located in approaching a crossroads. Good planning can ensure the region’s continued growth and prosperity and shortsightedness in this area will ensure a plateau.

        If we continue with the idea that the mayor’s role is largely ceremonial and that the office’s soapbox is one of its largest powers then the ability of Mayor Taylor to direct smart planning is huge. The case can be made that LVP has a strong sense of the region and its needs from her former vantage point at the capitol but she has failed to make so much clear.

        LVP, despite her legislative successes, seems to me wholly unadapted to government at the municipal level. This is my major concern with her as a candidate – that 20+ years of legislative experience have prepared her for an entirely different form of governance that not entirely translatable to local government.

        • I completely agree. I’m a Mike voter and undecided but leaning toward Ivy because of her experience in planning and she seems to have a vision and an interest in pursuing the downtown development started by her predecessors. I can’t figure out what LVP plans on doing while in office. She doesn’t seem to have a vision, she rarely answers debate questions, it’s all platitudes and everything comes down to ‘respect’ and ‘leadership’ and I don’t even know what that means. I don’t think her 24 years in the legislature translates into city government at all and it doesn’t seem like she understands what the mayor does. Then all the endorsements of her just spout off the same talking points but don’t point to specific reasons why she is better. Maybe it’s because she’s not?

      • it passed. and she’s not going to try to overturn it. it’s a shameful position but it’s also shameful that leticia’s husband sells confederate flags and defends it as ‘they’re historical’ (see TPR debate around 44 min).

  4. To those who criticize Van de Putte for being a “career politician”: Would you let a plumber fix your roof? Would you let a psychiatrist to work on your teeth? Like it or not, a career politician has the experience, skills, and connections to make things happen and is well suited to work in government. I know that is a simplistic statement (because a crooked politician has those same traits and can do awful things while holding office) but I wouldn’t want anyone in the mayor’s office who didn’t have the commitment, skills & connections to benefit San Antonio. VOTE VOTE VOTE!

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