CD 21: Hill Country Battle for an Open Seat

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(From left) Candidates for House Seat District 21 Chip Roy and Joseph Kopser.

Bonnie Arbittier / Rivard Report

(From left) Chip Roy and Joseph Kopser are vying to represent Texas' Congressional District 21.

Ahead of the November midterm elections, the Rivard Report invited invested parties to provide commentaries and share their points of view with voters. All commentaries are presented in original form with basic editing and fact-checking.

Republican Chip Roy and Democrat Joseph Kopser are vying for the 21st Congressional District seat that is being vacated by retiring Republican Lamar Smith. Smith has held the position since 1986 when he took over from retiring four-time Republican Tom Loeffler.

In short, this district, which covers portions of San Antonio, Austin, and the Hill Country, isn’t accustomed to change.

Roy is a known commodity in Republican circles after serving in various roles for multiple Texas officeholders, including serving as Ted Cruz’s chief of staff in 2013. Kopser, a decorated Army veteran and businessman, is taking his first shot at politics by advocating a more moderate view aimed at Democrats and disgruntled Republicans.

Click on the banners below to read Roy and Kopser’s arguments for why they should be District 21’s next representative in Congress.


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3 thoughts on “CD 21: Hill Country Battle for an Open Seat

  1. Joseph Kopser is clearly the better choice to make decisions and solve problems on behalf of ALL Texans, not just the ones with $$$. Please vote for Joseph. If you support what he says he’s going to do, vote for him. If he doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do, vote him out.

  2. Did the Rivard Report extend an invitation to Libertarian candidate Lee Santos to write a commentary? She is not mentioned in this article. I would certainly consider any candidate on the ballot for TX21 an invested party in this race.

  3. Chip Roy will represent District 21 the best. He is known as one of the best and brightest and he embodies the Texas values of the district – individual opportunity and responsibility. He is a strong advocate for our constitutional rights of freedom, liberty, and due process of law which are under constant attack. He is a strong defender of American sovereignty and of States rights. This foundation leads him to clear issue positions such as:
    Standing for Right to life,
    Supporting veterans,
    Supporting a strong military,
    Promoting Healthcare Freedom,
    Reducing federal spending,
    Reducing federal regulations,
    Reducing power of federal judges,
    Protecting our Borders,
    Defending our country and allies,
    Fair and simple taxes.
    Chip knows we are blessed to live in the greatest country and the greatest state. We want to keep it that way prospering and thriving in the future. That’s why Chip is the best choice for District 21.

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