8 thoughts on “Central Library: A Homage to Art, Burdened by its own Plaza

  1. Thank you Bekah for an awesome article. I recently visited Chicago on an architectural photography trip and I shot the Harold Washington Library. It dawned on me that the way a city views its libraries tells a lot about the city. I hope San Antonio can embrace our library which is both interesting and unique.

    • Thanks, Kevin! I agree about cities and libraries. I have a friend who always takes her visitors to the CL when they are in town, and I do the same. I think if people really viewed the library is a civic institution, they would get more “into” it.
      I’m going to make a habit of always visiting the Central Library when I go to other cities.

  2. it’s a slap to original design team…..a terrible decision by those who made it. I suspect that they visited the home & garden convention at dome and copied the ideas by landscape contractor’s displays and said., THIS IS IT YEAH, FOCK YEAH, LET’S MOVE ON IT

  3. I only hope that the same people responsible for the “offending plaza” on the outside are not the same people responsible for selecting art on the inside.

  4. The plaza is an insult to Sr. Legoretta’s design and ultimately to the people of San Antonio. I’m so glad he didn’t live to see it. He must be looking down at us and shaking his head in perplexity.

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