6 thoughts on “Some Cheer EPA’s Move on San Antonio’s Air, While Others Cite Costs

  1. Bad air good. Clean air bad and too expensive?
    It shouldn’t matter where it comes from. Most of it originates in this area anyway.

    • Eleanor Craft drags out that ridiculous argument the enviro folks use all the time.

      Won’t Tobacco 21 make a difference?

  2. It doesn’t really matter if the city has been trying to improve our air quality or that pollutants from Mexico are part of the problem. If the air quality has decreased to a level that is considered dangerous to the health of the citizens then it’s deceased below the level.

    Yes, we’re trying and have been trying to improve and making big steps but apparently it’s not enough. And yes, we can’t do much about the pollutants coming from Mexico. But are those really reasons to say “screw it”.

    If you’re dying from heart disease and your doctor says you need to reduce your intake of high cholesterol food, the heart doesn’t really care if you, the patient, informs your doctor of the fact that you have already reduced that type of food in your diet from previous levels. The doctor is stating the data shows you haven’t reduced it enough and in the end, your heart will be the only judge that matters in deciding if you did reduce that intake enough. That’s what the city complaining that previous improvements weren’t factored in amounts to.

    If you’re dying from lung disease from years of smoking and your doctor tells you that you need to make sure no smoke gets into your lungs, of course, quitting smoking is a big step. But if you continue to expose yourself to second hand smoke, is telling your doctor that wasn’t your fault because you weren’t the one smoking really going to do much to help your lung disease? Again, if it’s enough exposure to make your health critical, then blaming others isn’t going to do much to improve your health. This is pretty much where the city stands trying to blame pollutants from Mexico.

    Regardless of our previous efforts and the secondary factors, we’ve surpassed the threshold set by law. Instead of crying about it, why not get your butts in gear to get us out of this predicament as quickly as possible! I’m not trying to save the world or talk about climate change or make any liberal or conservative stances. We’re at this point regardless so let’s put our efforts in getting out of this instead of on complaining!

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