3 thoughts on “Chief McManus ‘Shows His Papers’ to Legislators

  1. Isn’t our governor married to a Mexican lady who has a Mexican family also from that are immigrants ? Doesn’t he realize that the largest part of Texas are Mexican American that have contributed to our growth ? The problem is politics and money, but the biggest problem is our unity in voicing what we want, what we require to continue to progress. There is no denying who we are but our voices are a whisper. Remember Jose Antonio Navarro. He wrote and spoke for Texas to be born. Just remember for our children’s future. That’s what I think.

  2. What a hot issue! Texas needs migrants to pick lettuce and work in the kitchen of restaurants but doesn’t want them at the same time! Illegal Immigration is wrong but we have a need for these labor intensive jobs. There must be a better way! We can’t have people just come here illegally that’s not acceptable but we must have a path to legalize their status to enable them to work . We all know illegals don’t steal jobs because I don’t hear Texans or Americans working the fields all I hear is Spanish

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