3 thoughts on “City Council Approves $2.3M Incentive Package for Friedrich Lofts

  1. As I have stated before, the only way to deal with gentrification that is fair to all citizens of the city is a plan for partial deferment of taxes due until the property is either sold or turned into rental property by the present owners. The owners should NOT get excused lower taxes to be able to stay in their homes as the values of the homes increase. But they could stay in them at temporarily reduced tax levels. They would just have to pay up whenever the owner dies, sells the place, or turns it into rental property. Everyone seems to want a give-away for these people while letting them get a windfall later. The delayed taxes concept could be applied in any neighborhoods that are being gentrified, the taxing authorities would still get their due at some point down the road, and complaints should be minimal (except from those living in gentrifying areas who seem to want a freebie rather than a fair plan for allowing them to stay in their homes if they wish to do so). Durham, NC, has studied such a plan: https://www.indyweek.com/news/archives/2017/04/21/durham-floats-tax-relief-program-for-residents-of-gentrifying-neighborhoods

  2. What’s the difference in improving the neighborhood and improving education? Most of my taxes go to the ISD and the only thing I see different is a bigger football stadium.

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