5 thoughts on “City Council Poised for Key Vote on Water Rates

  1. No one will ever understand that the Edwards Aquifer has more than enough water to quest the thirst of more than 3 million people with 1.7 gallons of water per day per year, with an adequate yearly rain replenishment to NEVER, EVER EVER run dry. The BAKKEN Fields of ND and Eagle Ford in South Texas should help explain the process (a reverse process from oil to water). An absolute TRAVESTY to see that a rate increase is about to be imposed on all users to support NEW Water supplies. If you’re mad about ISIS, you should be extremely ANGRY about SAWS! Why has no one ever questioned who and how the E-Aquifer water levels are monitored. Whose side are the scientists on?

  2. “sent a Dec. 13 letter to Mayor Ivy Taylor”

    Think it needs to be Nov. 13.

    Please dismiss this comment; just pointing out the discrepancy. Thank you.

  3. San Antonio Water System Board of Trustees approved the 2014 budget, requiring a 5.1 percent increase in the average monthly residential bill today. Now SAWS want to go up an additional 15% by 2017. I know Texas is not made of water but consumers are not made of money.

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