13 thoughts on “City Council Praises New River Barge Design

  1. Nice design but how are hotels and restaurants supposed to utilize this barge as a dinner barge? The older design was a little more logical because at least you could walk around the guest. With the seats plastered to the walls I don’t see how this is possible anymore.

  2. I thought the River Barge business was where private firms bid to be able to have the right to exclusive use of the river for their barges? The current contract with Rio City Barges ends in Dec with a new company to take over in Jan 2016; the old companies were Texas River Barges, then Fiesta River Barge and even Yanaguana Cruises back in the day. So does the city buys the barges then pay a firm to run the concession ?

    • You’ve got it figured out. There would be no other way to do it. The city uses those barges for parades….they have to control the design. They have to control the ambiance of the whole river area. I have no problem with it.

      Do they waste money or send some to cronies? Absolutely.

      Governments at all levels are all corrupt. Every one…right down to the School District and PTA….all little kingdoms where little Kings waste our money.

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