5 thoughts on “City, County Sparring Over Library Function and Funding

  1. Is there a legitimate need for county government? Seems to be nothing but a waste of money and a breeding ground for nepotism. Just abolish it like other states have.

  2. My kids and I visited Bexar Bibliotech, and it’s a visionary place. I enjoy downloading and reading books on the 3M reader app.

    But our local branch of the San Antonio Public Library is part of our lives. We go to Landa Library at least once a week, and go to Central Library at least once a month. The story times at Landa are a great way for moms (and dads) to connect. My seven-year-old son is a strong reader, and I credit several years of the Mayor’s Summer Reading Program for helping to build his good habits.

    I am glad that the San Antonio Public Library is expanding its digital offerings, but — especially for kids — the all-digital solution is NOT a substitute.

  3. Every branch of the SAPL is a great place but Central Library, the outside is wonderful but the complete first floor looks every day like Haven For Hope Day Care, why not open a branch close to Frio St.?

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