4 thoughts on “City Launches #SASpeakUp Survey on FY2017 Budget

  1. Looking at the pie chart. SAPD & SAFD are ~66% of the city’s budget. Is that normal? Maybe I late to the game on this but that seems rather high. Either way I filled it out.

      • Mr. Rivard,

        I believe the health care portion of the contract has been negotiated, the sticking point now is the city’s lawsuit over the evergreen clause. Also, the 66% figure is the portion of the general fund, not the overall city budget. I think the percentage of total city budget spent on public safety is about in line with other cities.

  2. Are we heading for Bankruptcy the way other cites like?
    — City of Hillview, Ky.
    — City of Detroit, Mich.
    — City of San Bernardino, Calif.
    — Town of Mammoth Lakes, Calf. (Dismissed)
    — City of Stockton, Calif.
    — Jefferson County, Ala.
    — City of Harrisburg, Pa. (Dismissed)
    — City of Central Falls, R.I.
    — Boise County, Idaho (Dismissed)
    I totally agree with the healthcare factor as the blameworthy unknown X-factor given the steady rise of health cost. That unknown demand & supply unknown dynamic are the driving force to any city’s annual budget woes regardless of the city’s superficial band aid approached absent of total austerity, the principles have chosen to mitigate via public Kabuki Theater theatrics with full-frontal rebuke rolling by both litigants. Even worse the city talking heads are besmirching union leadership and member as avaricious old scrooges. Answer is Single Payer Universal Health.

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