6 thoughts on “City Seeking Input on Sights Deserving Viewshed Protection

  1. I understand that the City Attorney has determined that the proposed building near the Hays Street Bridge is grandfathered. The proposed zoning ordinance will not stop that project. Also, HDRC rejected the design because the project had not addressed previous comments from the committee, and not because it blocked the view of the bridge.

  2. great idea! I’m taking photos around town all the time, but am disappointed with the use of the world ‘matter’ in the hashtag. It might be my own perception but since Black Lives Matter, I’ve seen so many other groups piggyback onto the phrase ie. blue lives matter, bike lives matter or the most annoying one All lives matter.

    • I was at the meeting where the “This View Matters” was conceived as a local phrase that would be similar to the long-running “This Place Matters” campaign by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. San Antonio has had great success with the Trust’s yearly celebration of Preservation Month (SA won in 2009 for the Humble Gas Station), so the thought was that it would be appropriate to expand its reach.

      However… now that you mention it, I can see how many would think that it was piggybacking onto the more well known “Black Lives Matter” phrase, even though the intent was never to steal its attention.

  3. You know your city doesn’t have their crap together when they don’t even know what the Tower Life Building is…. That Instagram post is of the Alamo and the Emily Morgan Hotel… Pretty embarrassing.

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