10 thoughts on “City Staff Makes the Case for Annexation Plan

  1. As a resident of the I10 west area, I have an additional concern. My son attends Boerne schools- would annexation force him(and all of my neighbors’ kids) into Northside?
    I have no voice in city council and they won’t listen to non San Antonio residents.

    • Of course not, city lines don’t follow school district lines, that why they are called ISD (independent school districts).

    • School districts are entirely different from City boundaries. So, no, your kids would still attend all the same schools.

  2. If existing commercial properties were taxed as fairly as residential properties within city limits, the revenue would be substantially increased. Our appraisal system needs to be more equitable, without lawsuits due to wording in the tax code which allows commercial comps to be unfairly used in order to adjust values downward There are several lawsuits filed now trying to address this issue within the state

  3. The mayor and council should heed the public administrator’s advice and annex all three areas this year and the additional two areas the following year. Annexing these areas will grow the city’s tax base as it did in the 1970s and allow the city to provide more protection above the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone. It is not fair that these residents want to live in Bexar County, use many of our roads to get to work and shop and enjoy our parks. These are not rural residents but rather suburban residents and it is only fair for them to pay their fare share. It is important to take out the politics (the mayor and some council members have some sort of political agenda). and listen to the city administrators. Remember public servants (administrators) take an oath to do what is best for the city and annexing these areas provides so many more benefits than not annexing them. As for the police department? This is an ill advised attack and purely political. It’s funny how the concern for public safety came out after contract talks stalled. If this was a serious issue to begin with then the police chief should have raised this issue a months or a year ago. I believe SAPD officers make more than many of their counterparts in similar sized Texas cities and remember San Antonio has a cheaper cost of living. Or maybe his police officers and him live in these unincorporated areas and do not want to pay their share in taxes.

  4. We need a story that focuses on the facts and the facts are that annexing these areas is beneficial to San Antonio and also beneficial to those residents in the long-run.

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