3 thoughts on “City’s First Sustainability Forum Draws a Crowd

  1. I hope the conference is sustainable. (Seriously). Although for the last week in June in San Antonio there seems to be a lot of people wearing light coats and sweater vests. Maybe they should start with the conference center HVAC system.

  2. Still keen to find out if this event went through the City’s (2010 Ordinance) Green Events certification process and scoring, including if CPS Energy 100% ‘windtricity’ was purchased for the event?

    See: http://www.sanantonio.gov/sustainability/OrdinancesAndGovernance.aspx

    Related, CPS Energy seems to have buried its ‘windtricity’ program – which allows organizational, business and residential customers to select and support renewable energy. At least, there’s no clear link to subscribing to 100% renewable energy from the main CPS Energy webpage or various services pages. If you are able to find the ‘windtricity’ page, there’s no longer a list of subscribing organizations and businesses in San Antonio.

    See: https://www.cpsenergy.com/en/about-us/programs-services/energy-generation/wind/windtricity.html

    Apparently CPS Energy does not have the renewable energy capacity to meet public demand, including for ‘green’ events and City and other public services? Not surprising as at most 16% of
    San Antonio’s energy mix is renewable energy (35% nuclear, 34% coal & 15% natural gas) while Austin has had a renewable energy mix of 23% or greater since 2014 (with real time monitoring available to the public regularly showing a 30% or greater renewable energy mix).

    See: http://austinenergy.com/wps/portal/ae/about/environment/renewable-power-generation

    With the help of a City commitment to 100% renewable energy use, Austin is now aiming for a 50% renewable energy mix as San Antonio continues to struggle to reach 20%, even with planned utility solar expansion in 2016.

    Enough forums – bring the renewable energy capacity, choice and City commitment to 100% renewable energy use. Utilize the City’s existing Green Events ordinance which stresses renewable energy use. Follow San Marcos, etc. in establishing a polystyrene ordinance to reduce our landfill waste and protect our waterways.

    See: http://www.surfrider.org/pages/polystyrene-ordinances

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